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Golden Tate

Which youngster will veteran wideout block?

Story this weekend with Golden Tate saying he looking at signing with a handful of teams, mentioning the Colts, Rams and Titans as potential landing spots. It's not clear if the feeling is mutual with any of these teams. Fantasy-wise, a Tate signing would be a negative for the young wideouts on those rosters, and wouldn't necessarily translate into fantasy relevance for him.

Tate turns 33 in August, and while that age isn't a killer for veteran wide receivers, it hasn't yielded a lot of strong starters, either. Since 2000, there have been 52 wideouts of that age or older who have finished as top-30 players (PPR scoring) at their position. Just 23 different players (with Hall of Famers like Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens and Tim Brown accounting for a good chunk of those seasons). Tate has had a very good career, including a bunch of 90-catch seasons with former Lion and new Ram quarterback Matthew Stafford, but his last three seasons -- mostly with the Eagles and Giants -- don't suggest he has another season of that type in him.

2019Julian Edelman, N.E.33153100111711.26258.87
2018Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.351126973410.66186.026
2017Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.34161109115610.66263.75
2016Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.3315010710239.66245.811
2014Steve Smith Sr., Balt.3513479106513.56221.518
2014Anquan Boldin, S.F.3413083106212.85219.619
2014Roddy White, Atl.331258092111.57214.121
2014Andre Johnson, Hou.331468593611.03196.628
2013Anquan Boldin, S.F.3312985117913.97246.015
2012Reggie Wayne, Ind.34195106135512.85271.08
2012Steve Smith Sr., Car.3313773117416.14217.120
2011Reggie Wayne, Ind.331327596012.84195.025
2010Terrell Owens, Cin.371397298313.79224.317
2010Derrick Mason, Balt.361006180213.27183.228
2009Hines Ward, Pitt.3313795116712.36247.712
2009Derrick Mason, Balt.3513473102814.17218.017
2009Donald Driver, G.B.3411370106115.26213.419
2009Terrell Owens, Buff.361095582915.15179.327
2008Terrell Owens, Dall.3514069105215.310237.511
2008Derrick Mason, Balt.3412180103713.05216.020
2008Donald Driver, G.B.3311674101213.75205.622
2008Muhsin Muhammad, Car.351076592314.25187.328
2007Terrell Owens, Dall.3414181135516.715307.03
2007Bobby Engram, Sea.3413494114712.26244.712
2007Derrick Mason, Balt.33164103108710.65241.714
2007Joey Galloway, T.B.369857101417.86194.526
2006Marvin Harrison, Ind.3414895136614.412303.61
2006Terrell Owens, Dall.3315085118013.913283.02
2006Joey Galloway, T.B.3514362105717.17210.621
2006Isaac Bruce, St.L.3412674109814.83203.823
2006Keyshawn Johnson, Car.341287081511.64181.928
2006Muhsin Muhammad, Chi.331176086314.45176.330
2005Joey Galloway, T.B.3415283128715.510272.17
2005Marvin Harrison, Ind.3313482114614.012268.69
2005Rod Smith, Den.3512685110513.06232.213
2005Keenan McCardell, S.D.351087091713.19216.317
2005Jimmy Smith, Jac.3612870102314.66208.321
2005Keyshawn Johnson, Dall.331237183911.86193.226
2004Rod Smith, Den.3413679114414.57238.715
2004Jimmy Smith, Jac.3513774117215.86227.219
2003Keenan McCardell, T.B.3313984117414.08255.48
2003Rod Smith, Den.331147484511.43195.920
2003Jerry Rice, Oak.411246386913.82161.930
2002Jerry Rice, Oak.4015092121113.27257.110
2002Jimmy Smith, Jac.3313780102712.87226.917
2002Tim Brown, Oak.361278193011.52187.928
2001Tim Brown, Oak.3514091116512.89271.47
2001Jerry Rice, Oak.3912583113913.79250.912
2001Cris Carter, Min.361307387111.96196.529
2000Cris Carter, Min.3516196127413.39277.49
2000Tim Brown, Oak.3413376112814.811256.014
2000Jerry Rice, S.F.381227580510.77197.323

Tate's success working with Stafford might have him hoping the Rams are his team, but it doesn't seem likely. Los Angeles has already added another older wideout (DeSean Jackson), and has a couple of second-round picks the last two years in Van Jefferson and Tutu Atwell. A Tate signing wouldn't make a lot of sense on this roster, barring injury to a starter.

The Colts are frequently mentioned, but again, I hope not. Indianapolis has brought back T.Y. Hilton and Zach Pascal, and used second-round picks the last two years on Parris Campbell and Michael Pittman. A Tate signing would just block one of those youngsters, with Pittman (who was the team's best receiver in last year's playoff game) the most intriguing.

As for the Titans, it's not really clear if Tennessee's interest was prior to trading for Julio Jones. Before they added Jones, Tate might have looked like a possible top-30 wideout in Tennessee. Now he would seem to have very little upside.

Some team will probably bring Tate to camp, or sign him if injuries strike. But odds are against his impact being much more than standing in some youngster's way.

--Andy Richardson

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