On Sunday mornings, I'll post what seem like relevant injury updates, with brief commentary about how the rankings sent out on Friday night might be affected. For Week 1, the news seems to be relatively minor, but here's what's being reported so far.

Generally I'll be looking at stuff widely reported by Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter. I like Schefter a little more, primarily because Rapoport, working as he does for NFL Network, is generally providing what the teams give him directly, which may or may not be to our benefit -- it might be to the team's benefit. I think sometimes he gets used and seems oblivious to it. And his pithy observations after each news report ("Big development for Jacksonville") are sometimes wrong and often silly. Just my opinion. But whatever, these are the big sources, and I also follow some beat reporters on Twitter, so that's where the info comes from.

Here's what we've got this morning.

  • Austin Ekeler (hamstring) will reportedly be a "full go." For me this moves Ekeler up about 7 spots in the PPR rankings from Friday. There's some risk, but there's risk with every running back. If you don't trust Rapoport, leave Ekeler where he was on Friday.

  • Saquon Barkley (knee) will be active and starting, but might be limited. This is in line with what we were expecting all week. He doesn't move in the rankings.

  • Odell Beckham (knee) is a gametime decision. It's a late start time, making it less appealing to wait on him. Beckham wasn't a particularly strong choice in our rankings anyway; probably he'll be active, maybe he'll be limited, either way he's not likely to be a go-to guy in the offense. But if you're planning on using him, you need to be prepared for the possibility he won't even play, and ready to switch to another option if necessary.

  • Emmanuel Sanders (foot) is expected to play. Sanders, facing his original team, is the No. 3 wide receiver, or perhaps sharing that role with Gabriel Davis. For me, Sanders being out would greatly enhance my interest in Davis. Sanders being active makes both iffy choices (with Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley the 1-2 guys).

  • Some ridiculous story about the Texans wanting a combination of six players and picks for Deshaun Watson. Why does crap like this get reported at all? Exactly six? So...if a team offers a mere 4 first-round picks, or one Patrick Mahomes, the Texans would say, "Sorry you fools, we were very clear that we need SIX players and picks." Watson isn't going to be traded anytime soon, because if he is, the league will get up off its ass and put him on the exempt list. High comedy. Maybe something moves and Watson plays for some team the second half of the season. That's why you're rostering him in deep leagues, not for this nonsense of Houston's supposed trade demands.

If I see any other critical injury updates between now and the early kickoffs, I'll post in the comments below.

--Andy Richardson