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Short-range receivers

Ravens haven't been able to get Hollywood downfield

The Ravens are throwing Hollywood Brown plenty of passes, but not many of them are doing much damage. Too many of his receptions have been of the low-impact variety around the line of scrimmage.

Brown has caught at least 5 passes eight games in a row, but he’s averaged fewer than 9 yards per catch in five of his last six games. In those six games, he’s caught 39 passes, but for only 271 yards. That’s only 6.9 yards per catch (which is lower than most running backs).

Brown has the jets to get downfield. He averaged 14.8 yards per catch in his first eight games. But those plays seem to have disappeared from the playbook. So have the touchdowns: 6 TDs in his eight games, but none in his last six.

Lamar Jackson might return this week. Maybe that will help to jumpstart the passing game. But Brown’s slump began before Jackson injured his ankle at Cleveland.

at L.V.L 27-33666911.51
K.C.W 36-3510611318.81
at Det.W 19-17735317.70
at Den.W 23-7549122.81
Ind.W 31-2510912513.92
LACW 34-654358.80
Cin.L 17-411458016.01
Min.W 34-3112911612.90
at Mia.L 10-22136376.20
Clev.W 16-10108516.40
at Pitt.L 19-20755511.00
at Clev.L 22-2485418.20
G.B.L 30-311410434.30
at Cin.L 21-4195448.80

Brown’s worst game (at least in terms of yards-per-catch) came with Tyler Huntley at quarterback, and it was historical in some respects. Against Green Bay, Brown managed to catch 10 passes while finishing with only 43 receiving yards. That’s the lowest yards-per-catch average in league history for a wide receiver who caught double-digit passes.

Only 21 times has a wide receiver caught double-digit passes and averaged fewer than 7 yards per catch, and that chart shows how the game has changed. Most of those games have come in recent years, with more teams looking to throw short, quick passes – getting the ball out of the quarterback’s hands.

Only four wide receivers have caught double-digit passes and averaged under 5 yards per catch, and three of them have come from this current season.

2021Marquise Brown, Balt.GNBL 30-3110434.300
2001Cris Carter, Min.NYGW 28-1610464.601
2021Rondale Moore, SEAW 23-1311514.640
2021Jaylen Waddle, LVRL 28-3112584.830
2010Steve Smith, NYGat MINL 7-4410575.700
2016Tavon Austin, LARNYGL 10-1710575.701
2019Christian Kirk, Ariz.CARL 20-3810595.900
2016Jordan Matthews, DALL 23-2911655.911
2017Jarvis Landry, LACW 19-1713786.000
2013Julian Edelman, N.E.NYJW 13-1013786.000
2002Willie Jackson, N.O.SFOL 0-3810616.100
2016Stefon Diggs, Min.DETL 16-2213806.150
2016Davante Adams, ATLL 32-3312746.170
2018Davante Adams, NYJW 44-3811716.451
2015Larry Fitzgerald, SFOW 19-1310666.600
2016Ty Montgomery, G.B.CHIW 26-1010666.600
2015Jarvis Landry, BUFL 17-3310676.700
1994Cris Carter, Min.GNBW 13-1010686.800
2012Nate Burleson, TENL 41-4410696.901
2011Percy Harvin, DETL 28-3410696.901
2008Eddie Royal, SDGL 21-5211766.910
2021Jaylen Waddle, JAXL 20-2310707.002
1991Bill Brooks, GNBL 10-1410707.001
1993Sterling Sharpe, G.B.DENW 30-2710707.000

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—Ian Allan

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