I like the look of Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Andy Reid says he’s going to play, and Helaire will be working against what might be the league’s worst run defense.

The Steelers ranked last against the run in the regular season, and they were at their worst late in the year. They allowed an average of 174 rushing yards in their last 10 games, with 14 rushing touchdowns.

Using PPR scoring, Pittsburgh allowed a running back to put up at least 20 points in five of their last eight games (in bold). Kansas City didn’t have one of those backs (in Week 16) but it had three different backs scoring more than 10. That was the game where CEH hurt his shoulder, with Darrel Williams and Derrick Gore then combining to carry 23 times for 95 yards.

I don’t think Edwards-Helaire will carry a monster workload. He’s not that kind of back. They’ll work in some other guys. But given the opponent, I think he looks like a safe choice for some good production.

In the chart below, you’re seeing the most productive back against the Steelers in each of their games. For some of the teams (like KC) you’re also seeing other backs who also put up at least 10 PPR points.

Devin SingletaryBuff.L 16-2311-72-03-8-011.0
Kenyan DrakeL.V.W 26-177-9-05-46-010.5
Joe MixonCin.W 24-1018-90-01-4-010.4
Aaron JonesG.B.W 27-1715-48-03-51-010.9
AJ DillonG.B.W 27-1715-81-01-16-010.7
Javonte WilliamsDen.L 19-278-61-03-25-011.6
Alex CollinsSea.L 20-2320-101-11--3-016.8
DeeJay DallasSea.L 20-234-17-05-33-010.0
D'Ernest JohnsonClev.L 10-154-22-11-7-09.9
David MontgomeryChi.L 27-2913-63-02-17-010.0
D'Andre SwiftDet.T 16-1633-130-03-5-016.5
Godwin IgwebuikeDet.T 16-162-56-10-0-011.6
Jermar JeffersonDet.T 16-163-41-10-0-010.1
Austin EkelerLACW 41-3711-50-26-65-241.5
Joe MixonCin.W 41-1028-165-24--2-032.3
Devonta FreemanBalt.L 19-2014-52-15-45-020.7
Dalvin CookMin.W 36-2827-205-21-17-035.2
D'Onta ForemanTen.L 13-1922-108-02-27-015.5
• Derrick GoreK.C.W 36-1012-43-03-61-013.4
• Darrel WilliamsK.C.W 36-1011-55-03-30-011.5
• Clyde Edwards-HelaireK.C.W 36-109-27-11-4-010.1
Nick ChubbClev.L 14-2612-58-00-0-05.8
Latavius MurrayBalt.L 13-1616-150-10-0-021.0

—Ian Allan