Story out that the Bears won't be looking to bring back wideout Allen Robinson in free agency. It's not surprising, in that Robinson comes off a terrible season in Chicago. But it seems a little quick to be writing off one of the very best receivers of the previous two seasons.

Robinson was dreadful last year, of course. In 12 games (11 starts), he put up just 410 yards and 1 TD. That was one of the worst seasons by a starting wideout in the last five years. Among all wide receivers to start at least 10 games in those seasons, he was one of just 33 at the position to average under 40 yards per game. The company he's keeping in that group is either players predominantly known for blocking in run-first offenses, or also turning in lousy seasons, like final-year Larry Fitzgerald or A.J. Green his last season in Cincinnati. And some of the other awful 2021 wideouts, like Kenny Golladay and Jalen Reagor.

(Table shows all wideouts with 10-plus starts in any of the last five seasons who averaged under 40 yards, sorted by yards per start. The 2021 guys are in bold.)

2021Allen Lazard, G.B.136040513839.5
2018Danny Amendola, Mia.157959575138.3
2018Kelvin Benjamin, 2TM106725380138.0
2018Michael Crabtree, Balt.1610054607337.9
2020Henry Ruggs, L.V.124326452237.7
2020A.J. Green, Cin.1410447523237.4
2021Allen Robinson, Chi.116638410137.3
2021Kenny Golladay, NYG147637521037.2
2018Kenny Stills, Mia.156437553636.9
2017Jeremy Maclin, Balt.127240440336.7
2017Brandon LaFell, Cin.158952548336.5
2021Nelson Agholor, N.E.136437473336.4
2019Nelson Agholor, Phil.106939363336.3
2020Jalen Reagor, Phil.115431396136.0
2017Josh Doctson, Was.147835502635.9
2021Adam Humphries, Was.116241383034.8
2018Ryan Grant, Ind.105235334133.4
2021Robby Anderson, Car.1611053519532.4
2021Chris Conley, Hou.103722323232.3
2017Jordy Nelson, G.B.158853482632.1
2017Zay Jones, Buff.107427316231.6
2020Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.137254409131.5
2019Willie Snead, Balt.114631339530.8
2017Torrey Smith, Phil.146736430230.7
2019Cody Latimer, NYG104224300230.0
2021Zach Pascal, Ind.136938384329.5
2021Demarcus Robinson, K.C.104125264326.4
2018Chris Conley, K.C.135232334525.7
2018Tajae Sharpe, Ten.134726316224.3
2021Jalen Reagor, Phil.135733299223.0
2018John Ross, Cin.105821210721.0
2020Miles Boykin, Balt.133319266420.5
2019Miles Boykin, Balt.112213198318.0

Ugly group, and at least a couple of those guys (like Allen Lazard) made themselves useful in the red zone, catching a handful of touchdowns. Robinson scored only once. He's 29, and might well be facing a frosty free agent market.

But Robinson was really good more recently than you might think. He was a top-10 PPR wideout in both 2019 and 2020 -- yes, just a year ago -- for a Chicago offense that was starting Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles at quarterback. He had 2 of the 20 best wide receiver seasons in those years. Should he really be kicked to the fantasy curb after one bad year?

2019Michael Thomas, N.O.185149172511.69374.61
2020Davante Adams, G.B.149115137412.018360.41
2020Tyreek Hill, K.C.13587127614.715328.92
2020Stefon Diggs, Buff.166127153512.18328.63
2020DeAndre Hopkins, Ariz.160115140712.26291.84
2020Calvin Ridley, Atl.14390137415.39283.55
2019Chris Godwin, T.B.12186133315.59276.12
2020Justin Jefferson, Min.12588140015.97274.26
2019Julio Jones, Atl.15799139414.16274.13
2020DK Metcalf, Sea.12983130315.710273.37
2019DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.150104116511.27270.64
2019Cooper Kupp, LAR13494116112.410270.55
2020Tyler Lockett, Sea.132100105410.510265.48
2020Allen Robinson, Chi.151102125012.36262.99
2019Keenan Allen, LAC149104119911.56261.56
2019Julian Edelman, N.E.153100111711.26258.87
2019Allen Robinson, Chi.15498114711.77254.98
2020Adam Thielen, Min.1087492512.514254.010
2019Kenny Golladay, Det.11665119018.311250.09
2020A.J. Brown, Ten.10670107515.411249.511

I'm not expecting Robinson to get a big contract in free agency, nor should he be targeted in drafts next year as the kind of player he was in 2020. But he also shouldn't be dismissed as the disaster he was in 2021. In the right situation (he could scarcely land with a shakier quarterback situation in a more-broken offense), a bounce-back season is very possible.

--Andy Richardson