The Browns selected Cade York in the fourth round of the draft, and you would think that will end their kicking issues. But the miss rate for rookie kickers is a lot higher than you might expect.

Of the last 10 kickers selected in the fifth round, for example, none of them have lasted three years with the team that drafted them. A few of those kickers have gone on to have good careers, but only after being released by the teams that originally selected them (Daniel Carlson, Matt Gay and Jake Elliott).

(On the fifth-round guys, I’m sure Evan McPherson will end the streak (of not lasting three years) but he is only a third of the way there.)

With kickers selected in the first four rounds, the hit rate gets a little higher. Four of the seven chosen in the 32-team era (since 2002) have lasted three years. But I would say that only two of the seven have been successful picks. Stephen Gostkowski and Nate Kaeding had great careers, but I don’t think the Jets and Eagles in hindsight would have chosen Mike Nugent and Alex Henery, even if they each lasted three years.

These are just numbers, of course. Cade York, I am confident, will complete his four-year rookie contract. He connected on 15 of his 19 field goals from 50-plus at Louisiana State, including a 57-yard game-winner against Florida. He’s a much stronger prospect than the kicker the Browns selected in the fifth round three years ago. Austin Seibert (who lasted only one season) was only 1 of 3 on kicks from 50-plus in his four years at Oklahoma.

2005247• Mike Nugent, NYJOhio State49
2016259Roberto Aguayo, T.B.Florida State16
2004365• Nate Kaeding, S.D.Iowa113
20024102Jeff Chandler, S.F.Florida8
20024109Travis Dorsch, Cin.Purdue1
20064118• Stephen Gostkowski, N.E.Memphis204
20114120• Alex Henery, Phi.Nebraska48
20224124Cade York, Cle.Louisiana State?
20045137• Josh Scobee, Jac.Louisiana Tech168
20195145Matt Gay, T.B.Utah16
20215149Evan McPherson, Cin.Florida17+
20175153Jake Elliott, Cin.Memphis0
20205159Justin Rohrwasser, N.E.Marshall0
20075160Justin Medlock, K.C.UCLA1
20125161Randy Bullock, Ten.Texas A&M35
20135166Caleb Sturgis, Mia.Florida32
20185167Daniel Carlson, Min.Auburn2
20195170Austin Seibert, Cle.Oklahoma16
20095172David Buehler, Dall.Southern Cal36

—Ian Allan