The Cardinals won’t have DeAndre Hopkins for their first six games. Maybe that will cause A.J. Green to be used more extensively. Or not.

I was writing up Arizona, I noticed that Green was really ineffective around the end zone. Highlighted by the game-turning play against Green Bay, when he didn’t turn around for a ball thrown his way that could have resulted in a game-winning touchdown. But beyond that, historically awful in that part of the field.

Inside the 10, Green scored on only 1 of the 12 passes thrown his way. As best I can tell, that’s the worst by any wide receiver in the last 10 years. (At least among those with at least 10 targets).

Green did catch a couple of other non-scoring balls, pulling him up to 3 of 12. But just 1 touchdown on 12 pass attempts. In the last 10 years, 130 wide receivers have seen at least 10 targets in that part of the field, and that’s the worst scoring rate of all of them.

Five other wide receivers have scored on only 1 of 10 or 11 attempts. Four of those guys, by the way, are really big guys – Josh Gordon, Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson and Quincy Enunway. (The fifth, Jermaine Kearse, is listed at 6-foot-1 and 210 pounds). My feeling has long been that the smaller, quicker guys tend to be more effective around the goal line. I’m not a fan of the “Oh, we’ve got a big guy out there, let’s just lob up a 50-50 ball for him.”

Green turns 32 in July. I think he’s just a guy nowadays. For fantasy purposes, I would be a lot more interested in taking a flyer on Rondale Moore.

I’m listing all 130 of the previously mentioned players below. The overall success rate isn’t as high as you might think. Collectively, these 130 players caught 52 percent of the passes thrown their way, and scored on only 39 percent of those targets.

With only 27 of the 130 did a player score on over half of his targets. Only one person has done that more than once (Mike Evans, who did it three times).

Complete list is below, and if you scroll down to No. 130, you’ll find Green.

RECEIVING INSIDE THE 10 (last 10 years)
YearPlayer, TmAttComPctTD2PtEZ%
2020Adam Thielen, Min.151280%10173%
2017Alshon Jeffery, Phil.11873%5373%
2021• Mike Evans, T.B.11982%8073%
2016• Mike Evans, T.B.11873%6273%
2020Davante Adams, G.B.191789%13068%
2017Jarvis Landry, Mia.141179%9064%
2017DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.11764%7064%
2018Mike Williams, LAC11764%6164%
2013Jerricho Cotchery, Pitt.10660%6060%
2016Jordy Nelson, G.B.151173%9060%
2012Marques Colston, N.O.10660%6060%
2014Odell Beckham, NYG10660%6060%
2014Randall Cobb, G.B.151173%8160%
2014Roddy White, Atl.10770%6060%
2015Allen Robinson, Jac.171059%10059%
2012James Jones, G.B.12758%7058%
2015Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.12758%7058%
2013Brandon Marshall, Chi.161063%7256%
2020• Mike Evans, T.B.16956%9056%
2017Antonio Brown, Pitt.11764%5155%
2019Cooper Kupp, LAR11873%6055%
2012Eric Decker, Den.11764%6055%
2013Julian Edelman, N.E.11873%4255%
2013Marlon Brown, Balt.11873%5155%
2016Michael Thomas, N.O.11764%6055%
2017Michael Crabtree, Oak.13754%5254%
2013Wes Welker, Den.151067%8053%
2021Davante Adams, G.B.141071%7050%
2021DJ Moore, Car.10660%4150%
2020Tyreek Hill, K.C.121083%6050%
2020Brandon Aiyuk, S.F.10660%5050%
2019Chris Godwin, T.B.10770%4150%
2016Davante Adams, G.B.12867%5150%
2016Odell Beckham, NYG10550%5050%
2016Michael Crabtree, Oak.10550%4150%
2015Antonio Brown, Pitt.161275%6250%
2014Dez Bryant, Dall.10550%5050%
2013Dez Bryant, Dall.181161%9050%
2012Wes Welker, N.E.10770%5050%
2021Cooper Kupp, LAR191263%9047%
2015Eric Decker, NYJ171059%8047%
2021Keenan Allen, LAC13862%6046%
2020Calvin Ridley, Atl.13646%5146%
2015Golden Tate, Det.131185%6046%
2019Allen Robinson, Chi.11545%5045%
2019Mike Evans, T.B.11545%4145%
2016Seth Roberts, Oak.11764%3245%
2015A.J. Green, Cin.11545%5045%
2013Emmanuel Sanders, Pitt.11764%5045%
2012A.J. Green, Cin.16956%7044%
2021Hunter Renfrow, L.V.14964%6043%
2016Allen Robinson, Jac.12650%4142%
2020Christian Kirk, Ariz.10550%4040%
2020DK Metcalf, Sea.10440%4040%
2019Kenny Golladay, Det.15747%6040%
2019Julian Edelman, N.E.10660%3140%
2018Michael Thomas, N.O.151280%6040%
2018T.Y. Hilton, Ind.10440%4040%
2016Mohamed Sanu, Atl.10660%3140%
2016Brandon LaFell, Cin.10660%4040%
2014Emmanuel Sanders, Den.151280%5140%
2013Keenan Allen, S.D.10440%4040%
2021Diontae Johnson, Pitt.13754%4138%
2018Chris Godwin, T.B.13538%4138%
2014Antonio Brown, Pitt.191053%6137%
2021Randall Cobb, G.B.11436%4036%
2019Jarvis Landry, Cle.11655%4036%
2016Anquan Boldin, Det.11764%4036%
2013Demaryius Thomas, Den.11655%4036%
2013Calvin Johnson, Det.11545%4036%
2013Pierre Garcon, Was.11545%4036%
2021Stefon Diggs, Buff.14857%5036%
2015Randall Cobb, G.B.14750%5036%
2013Eric Decker, Den.14750%5036%
2012Mike Williams, T.B.17635%6035%
2016Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.12542%4033%
2016Demaryius Thomas, Den.12650%3133%
2015Julio Jones, Atl.12650%4033%
2015James Jones, G.B.12433%2233%
2015Brandon Marshall, NYJ12650%4033%
2015Pierre Garcon, Wash.12433%4033%
2012Reggie Wayne, Ind.12542%4033%
2014Alshon Jeffery, Chi.19737%6032%
2013Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.13754%4031%
2021Michael Pittman, Ind.10550%2130%
2019Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.10440%3030%
2017Dez Bryant, Dall.10440%3030%
2017Demaryius Thomas, Den.10440%3030%
2016T.Y. Hilton, Ind.10770%2130%
2015Allen Hurns, Jac.10440%3030%
2015Jamison Crowder, Wash.10550%1230%
2014Julian Edelman, N.E.10550%3030%
2014Rueben Randle, NYG10440%3030%
2012Demaryius Thomas, Den.10330%3030%
2012Julio Jones, Atl.10330%3030%
2020Justin Jefferson, Min.11436%1227%
2018Julian Edelman, N.E.11655%3027%
2016Emmanuel Sanders, Den.11655%3027%
2016Antonio Brown, Pitt.11327%3027%
2014Andre Johnson, Hou.11545%3027%
2013Andre Johnson, Hou.11655%3027%
2012Roddy White, Atl.11436%3027%
2018DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.15747%4027%
2017Keenan Allen, LAC15747%4027%
2014Demaryius Thomas, Den.19737%4126%
2021Justin Jefferson, Min.12325%3025%
2020Chase Claypool, Pitt.12325%3025%
2018JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pitt.12867%3025%
2013Alshon Jeffery, Chi.12433%2125%
2013A.J. Green, Cin.12542%3025%
2015Jarvis Landry, Mia.17741%3124%
2014Jordy Nelson, G.B.17741%4024%
2021Mike Williams, LAC13431%2123%
2012Brandon Marshall, Chi.14429%3021%
2021Marvin Jones, Jac.10440%2020%
2020Amari Cooper, Dall.10330%2020%
2016Julian Edelman, N.E.10330%1120%
2016Amari Cooper, Oak.10220%0220%
2016Tyrell Williams, S.D.10660%2020%
2014Kelvin Benjamin, Car.10220%2020%
2020DeAndre Hopkins, Ariz.11545%2018%
2017Mike Evans, T.B.11218%1118%
2013Jordy Nelson, G.B.11545%2018%
2013Cecil Shorts, Jac.11327%2018%
2016Quincy Enunwa, NYJ10440%1010%
2016Jermaine Kearse, Sea.10110%1010%
2012Calvin Johnson, Det.10330%1010%
2017Julio Jones, Atl.11436%109%
2013Josh Gordon, Clev.1119%109%
2021A.J. Green, Ari.12325%108%

—Ian Allan