One of the weirdly quiet markets this offseason has been that of Will Fuller. While marginal free agent wideouts were getting signed (and some of them to big money), there have been crickets for the former Texan (and Dolphin, very briefly). But maybe things will change this week.

A story reported yesterday said that Fuller is drawing interest from multiple teams. Certainly, multiple teams might be on the lookout for a capable wide receiver. The Rams are most likely going to be without Van Jefferson (knee) at the start of the season. The Cowboys have an even more pressing need, after James Washington fractured his foot in practice yesterday. There are other teams who might be interested.

Fuller's market has been so cool I've wondered if he was dealing with some unknown injury or possible suspension. He's got both on his resume, injuries and a PED suspension. But the last time we actually saw him play most of a season, he was pretty good.

That was in 2o2o, when he played 11 games for the Texans. In those contests he caught 53 passes for 879 yards and 8 TDs, averaging 16.6 yards per catch. That's one of the top averages by any wideout with over 50 catches in the last decade.

2014DeSean Jackson, Was.56116920.96
2019A.J. Brown, Ten.52105120.29
2012Vincent Jackson, T.B.72138419.28
2013Josh Gordon, Cle.87164618.99
2019Kenny Golladay, Det.65119018.311
2021Deebo Samuel, S.F.77140518.314
2020DJ Moore, Car.66119318.14
2017Marvin Jones, Det.61110118.19
2021JaMarr Chase, Cin.81145518.013
2016DeSean Jackson, Was.56100518.04
2019Stefon Diggs, Min.63113017.96
2015James Jones, G.B.5089017.88
2012Cecil Shorts, Jac.5597917.87
2013Calvin Johnson, Det.84149217.812
2018Mike Evans, T.B.86152417.79
2015Allen Robinson, Jac.80140017.514
2015Sammy Watkins, Buff.60104717.59
2013Torrey Smith, Balt.65112817.44
2019Mike Evans, T.B.67115717.38
2012T.Y. Hilton, Ind.5086117.28
2017Marquise Goodwin, S.F.5696217.22
2018Tyreek Hill, K.C.87147917.014
2016Julio Jones, Atl.83140917.06
2017T.Y. Hilton, Ind.5796617.04
2018Tyler Lockett, Sea.5796516.910
2016Marvin Jones, Det.5593016.94
2019Michael Gallup, Dall.66110716.86
2018T.Y. Hilton, Ind.76127016.76
2019DeVante Parker, Mia.72120216.79
2017Brandin Cooks, N.E.65108216.77
2020Will Fuller, Hou.5387916.68
2014Malcom Floyd, S.D.5285616.56
2020Jerry Jeudy, Den.5285616.53
2017Julio Jones, Atl.88144416.43
2014T.Y. Hilton, Ind.82134516.47
2015Michael Floyd, Ariz.5284916.36
2015Mike Evans, T.B.74120616.33
2015T.Y. Hilton, Ind.69112416.35
2013DeSean Jackson, Phil.82133216.29
2015Terrance Williams, Dall.5284016.23
2015Allen Hurns, Jac.64103116.110
2021Tyler Lockett, Sea.73117516.18
2012Calvin Johnson, Det.122196416.15
2012Josh Gordon, Cle.5080516.15
2012Steve Smith Sr., Car.73117416.14
2021Van Jefferson, LAR5080216.06
2012Lance Moore, N.O.65104116.06
2013Michael Floyd, Ariz.65104116.05
2013Hakeem Nicks, NYG5689616.00
2013Alshon Jeffery, Chi.89142116.07

One of the speculations out there has been that Fuller was waiting on the Deshaun Watson suspension before signing with Cleveland, hoping his buddy would be available for some games this year. I lump that with the belief last year that Davante Adams only wanted to play with Aaron Rodgers. People think these guys are married (career-wise, of course) to players they've had success with, and they make decisions based on those relationships. Things like that might be factors, or attributes. But if someone offers Adams, or Fuller, the right amount of money, they're signing. Nice working with you Aaron, but the money looks really good to me in Vegas.

Anyway. If Jerry Jones comes calling, I can see Fuller signing with Dallas this week. He's way better than Washington anyway, so it'd be a nice addition for the Cowboys and Dak Prescott.

--Andy Richardson