Odell Beckham is talking with the Cowboys, Bills and Giants – seemingly close to picking a 2022 team. But I will be surprised if he makes much of an impact (either in the regular season or in the playoffs). I don’t think he’s an elite pass catcher right now.

Beckham was a great player early in his career with the Giants, but that’s way back in the rearview mirror now. His iconic catch against the Cowboys occurred 8 years ago. Nowadays, he’s almost 30 and coming back from a second ACL injury (suffered in mid-February).

Beckham hasn’t been a great player recently. In his last 17 games as a pro (a season’s worth of work) he’s caught 51 passes for 620 yards and 5 TDs. Compare that to the first 17 games of his career: 122 catches for 1,733 yards and 15 TDs. He’s not that guy anymore.

I don’t envision Beckham helping any of those teams much. If he winds up in Dallas, I would give them another Michael Gallup, contributing a few catches here and there. Buffalo activated John Brown off their practice squad for the New England game last week, and I don’t think Beckham would give them much beyond what Brown did. And with the Giants, I would think Beckham would be simply lost in a lesser offense.

Below see the game-by-game stats for Beckham’s career, with markings added to some of the games. Games in bold, those are ones where Beckham’s production was on par with what top-10 receivers have done in the last five years (at least 16.6 points, using PPR scoring). And games with black dots, those are games where Beckham has put up top-20 numbers (at least 14.6 PPR points).

Only 3 times in his last 17 games has Beckham finished with top-20 PPR numbers. His last 100-yard game was in the first half of the 2019 season.

No worth a roster spot in a typical fantasy league, in my opinion.

2014NYGAtl.W 30-205444114.4
2014NYGat Phil.L 0-27422804.8
2014NYGat Dall.L 21-316434219.4
2014NYGInd.L 24-40118156023.6
2014NYGat Sea.L 17-3897108017.8
2014NYG• S.F.• L 10-1613693015.3
2014NYGDall.L 28-311110146236.6
2014NYG• at Jac.• L 24-258790016.0
2014NYGat Ten.W 36-71511130130.0
2014NYGWas.W 24-131512143344.3
2014NYGat S.F.W 37-27128148234.8
2014NYGPhil.L 26-342112185136.5
2015NYGat Dall.L 26-27854409.4
2015NYGAtl.L 20-24127146127.6
2015NYGWas.W 32-219779120.9
2015NYGat Buff.W 24-101253808.8
2015NYGS.F.W 30-27117121125.1
2015NYGat Phil.L 7-278761119.1
2015NYGDall.W 27-20643507.5
2015NYGat N.O.L 49-5298130339.0
2015NYGat T.B.W 32-18179105019.5
2015NYGN.E.L 26-27124104120.4
2015NYGat Was.L 14-20189142129.2
2015NYGNYJL 20-23116149126.9
2015NYGat Mia.W 31-2497166235.6
2015NYGCar.L 35-389676119.6
2015NYGPhil.L 30-357554010.4
2016NYGat Dall.W 20-198473011.3
2016NYGN.O.W 16-1311886016.6
2016NYGWas.L 27-29117121019.1
2016NYGat Min.L 10-24932305.3
2016NYGat G.B.L 16-2312556116.6
2016NYGBalt.W 27-23108222242.2
2016NYGat LARW 17-10954909.9
2016NYGPhil.W 28-2310446220.6
2016NYGCin.W 21-20111097125.7
2016NYGChi.W 22-16754609.6
2016NYGat Cle.W 27-1311696227.6
2016NYGat Pitt.L 14-241610100020.0
2016NYGDall.W 10-79494119.4
2016NYGDet.W 17-68664118.4
2016NYGat Phil.L 19-242011150026.0
2016NYGat Was.W 19-10754409.4
2017NYGDet.L 10-24543607.6
2017NYGat Phil.L 24-2713979228.9
2017NYG• at T.B.• L 23-2515790016.0
2017NYGLACL 22-278597120.7
2018NYGJac.L 15-201511111022.1
2018NYGat Dall.L 13-20945109.1
2018NYGat Hou.W 27-22109109019.9
2018NYGN.O.L 18-3311760013.0
2018NYGat Car.L 31-33148131127.1
2018NYGPhil.L 13-3410644010.4
2018NYGat Atl.L 20-23118143128.3
2018NYGWas.L 13-20118136021.6
2018NYGat S.F.W 27-2311473223.3
2018NYGT.B.W 38-354474117.4
2018NYGat Phil.L 22-259585013.5
2018NYGChi.W 30-279335112.5
2019Clev.Ten.L 13-4311771014.1
2019Clev.at NYJW 23-3106161128.1
2019Clev.LARL 13-209656011.6
2019Clev.at Balt.W 40-25722004.0
2019Clev.at S.F.L 3-31622704.7
2019Clev.• Sea.• L 28-32116101016.1
2019Clev.at N.E.L 13-277552010.2
2019Clev.at Den.L 19-246587013.7
2019Clev.Buff.W 19-1612557010.7
2019Clev.Pitt.W 21-710460010.0
2019Clev.Mia.W 41-248684120.4
2019Clev.at Pitt.L 13-20632905.9
2019Clev.Cin.W 27-19523905.9
2019Clev.• at Ari.• L 24-3813866014.6
2019Clev.Balt.L 15-316444114.4
2019Clev.at Cin.L 23-336381117.1
2020Clev.at Balt.L 6-381032205.2
2020Clev.Cin.W 35-306474117.4
2020Clev.Was.W 34-20645909.9
2020Clev.at Dall.W 49-388581225.1
2020Clev.Ind.W 32-239558010.8
2020Clev.at Pitt.L 7-38322504.5
2020Clev.at Cin.W 37-341000.0
2021Clev.Chi.W 26-69577012.7
2021Clev.at Min.W 14-7722704.7
2021Clev.at LACL 42-47322004.0
2021Clev.Ari.L 14-378579012.9
2021Clev.Den.W 17-14622304.3
2021Clev.Pitt.L 10-1511601.6
2021Ramsat S.F.L 10-31321803.8
2021Ramsat G.B.L 28-3610581119.1
2021RamsJac.W 37-75228110.8
2021Ramsat Ari.W 30-237677119.7
2021RamsSea.W 20-1031701.7
2021Ramsat Min.W 30-238437113.7
2021Rams• at Balt.• W 20-197539114.9
2021RamsS.F.L 24-27521803.8

—Ian Allan