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Travis Kelce

Playoff MVP strikes again

If you participate in any kind of playoff fantasy league, it makes sense to prioritize having Travis Kelce on your roster. Year after year, he's been the biggest difference-maker at his position; perhaps any position. A lot better to be starting him than facing him.

Kelce caught 14 passes in Kansas City's win over Jacksonville yesterday, a record for a tight end in a playoff game. The previous record was 13, which Kelce himself shared after a big game a couple of years ago. Kelce, in fact, is the most represented tight end in the ranks of top playoff game performers at the position in the history of the league.

In the Super Bowl era, there have been 42 instances of a tight end catching at least 8 passes in a playoff game. Kelce accounts for nearly 20 percent of those games, with 8 of the 42. He has 5 of 17 10-reception playoff games from the position.

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Travis Kelce, K.C.Jac.202214982
Travis Kelce, K.C.Buf.2020131182
Shannon Sharpe, LAR1993131561
Kellen Winslow, Mia.1981131661
Jay Novacek, Dal.G.B.1984111040
Dan Ross, Cin.S.F.1981111042
Brent Celek, Ari.200810832
Rob Gronkowski, N.E.Den.2011101453
Todd Heap, K.C.2010101080
T.J. Hockenson, Min.NYG2022101290
Travis Kelce, K.C.Hou.2019101343
Travis Kelce, K.C.T.B.2020101330
Travis Kelce, K.C.Cin.202110951
Vance McDonald, Pit.Jac.2017101120
Jermaine Wiggins, N.E.Oak.200110680
Jason Witten, Min.200910980
Frank Wycheck, Ten.Pit.2002101231
Dallas Clark, Ind.K.C.200691030
Owen Daniels, Hou.Cin.20129910
Owen Daniels, N.E.20129810
Rob Gronkowski, N.E.Phi.201791162
Aaron Hernandez, N.E.Bal.20129830
Steve Jordan, S.F.198991490
Jordan Reed, Was.G.B.201591201
Zach Ertz, Phi.Min.20178930
Russ Francis, N.E.Hou.197881011
Antonio Gates, S.D.Ind.20088870
Antonio Gates, S.D.NYJ20098930
Tony Gonzalez, Atl.S.F.20128781
Rob Gronkowski, Den.201581441
Aaron Hernandez, N.E.NYG20118671
Keith Jackson, S.D.199481092
Eric Johnson, S.F.NYG20028780
Brent Jones, S.F.G.B.199581120
Travis Kelce, Hou.201581280
Travis Kelce, K.C.Cle.202081091
Travis Kelce, K.C.Buf.20218961
Dustin Keller, NYJat Pit.20108640
Heath Miller, Pit.Jac.20078851
Zach Miller, Atl.201281421
Greg Olsen, N.O.201781071
Julius Thomas, Den.N.E.20138850

Kelce has at least one more playoff game this postseason to add another performance to the list, and I wouldn't bet against it.

--Andy Richardson

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