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Brock Purdy Suffers Consecutive Losses

49ers QB in concussion protocol

Brock Purdy’s availability in Week 8 is in jeopardy after the San Francisco 49ers placed him under concussion protocol. Football fans largely believed he suffered the injury when the 49ers tried their version of the “tush push” or the quarterback sneak with the help of the players behind him.

However, Minnesota Vikings linebacker Jordan Hicks thwarted the attempt before Purdy picked up the first down. Unfortunately, it proved a costly attempt for the 49ers, as Purdy hasn’t been the same. He threw two interceptions since, leading to another Niners loss.

Has the NFL checked Brock Purdy?

The 2022 “Mr. Irrelevant” ran the 49ers offense perfectly in his first ten regular season starts. Brock Purdy’s heads-up play also earned them two playoff victories last year. Through the first five games of the 2023 season, he threw for nine touchdowns and zero interceptions, including four in Week 5 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Playing with a highly talented roster was the biggest knock against Purdy’s success. They claim it’s easier to win with Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel. However, someone still had to distribute the ball, and Purdy filled his role magnificently.

But things went south for Purdy when he lost Samuel and McCaffrey to injuries in Week 6 against the Cleveland Browns. The Browns defense chased him relentlessly, tallying three sacks and six quarterback hits. These factors led to Purdy’s first regular season loss.

However, if he’s good, Purdy must efficiently facilitate the 49ers offense without other players. The system remains the same, though the names and players change. Instead, he tasted defeat after completing only 44 percent of his throws.

Purdy looked good early in their Week 7 Monday Night Football game against the Minnesota Vikings. Everything changed after that failed sneak. The blame game ensues as football fans and experts identify the mastermind who allowed Purdy to continue playing.

But after two losses, is he still a viable long-term quarterback option? A loss to the Browns is understandable, considering they have one of the best defensive units this season. But to a Vikings defense that has struggled early in their campaign? Such a result could ring alarm bells.

Brock Purdy’s career at the crossroads

There’s a chance that Purdy will skip San Francisco’s Week 8 showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals, potentially allowing Sam Darnold to start. But once he returns, Purdy must do better than his last two performances.

Otherwise, the 49ers title hopes will crumble if he continues to underperform. If those two losses indicate that the league has discovered his kryptonite, the Niners will return to the drawing board to find their next play-caller.

- Lance Fernandez

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