That’s a weird game for Will Levis. He finished with a passer rating of 143.8, but the Titans lost their game by 20 points. That doesn’t happen often.

Looking at Levis’ numbers, you would have figured Tennessee won its game. He completed 13 of 17 for 158 yards, with 2 TDs and no interceptions. Instead, they got blown out by Jacksonville.

I played around with some numbers on this. In the Super Bowl era, only one quarterback has attempted at least 15 passes and finished with an even higher passer rating for a team that lost by at least 10 points. Oddly enough, it was a Tennessee quarterback who preceded Levis – Marcus Mariota (and also in a game inside the division).

Only 22 quarterbacks have finished with passer ratings of at least 130 for teams that lost by at least 10 points. Odd day for Levis.

2018Marcus Mariota, Hou.L 17-34222330302147.7
2023Will Levis, Jac.L 14-34131715802143.8
1975Ken Anderson, Cle.L 23-35132029202141.7
1997Rodney Peete, Jac.L 21-38121512302140.4
2006David Carr, Ind.L 24-43222621903140.2
1988Gary Kubiak, Ind.L 23-55121613802140.1
1973Pete Beathard, K.C.LARL 13-23152019802139.2
1978Bill Munson, Buff.Pitt.L 17-28101617102138.3
2018Derek Carr, Oak.Ind.L 28-42212824403136.6
1984Tony Eason, N.E.Mia.L 24-44192931303136.1
2009Kyle Orton, Was.L 17-27111819302134.7
1998Mike Tomczak, Pitt.Ten.L 31-41151711702134.6
1979Roger Staubach, Dall.Phil.L 21-31172830803134.2
1969Steve Tensi, S.D.L 24-45192630113133.7
2019Ryan Tannehill, Ten.N.O.L 28-38172727203133.6
2005Marc Bulger, St.L.Ari.L 28-38192422402133.3
1985Lynn Dickey, St.L.L 28-43142117503131.9
1987Scott Tinsley, Dall.L 22-41243433803131.7
1991Jeff Carlson, Atl.L 7-43111516401131.0
2004Billy Volek, Ten.K.C.L 38-49294342604130.6
2007Chad Pennington, NYJN.E.L 14-38162116702130.5
1966Tom Kennedy, NYGPitt.L 28-47142422904130.0

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—Ian Allan