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Nice spot to look for streaming defenses

If you're looking for a defense to stream this weekend, check out the Giants-Patriots game. Neither team has been great in terms of sacks or takeaways. But both have been awfully generous in terms of serving them up.

I took a look at how each offense has fared this season in terms of giving up production to opposing fantasy defenses: sacks, turnovers, defensive touchdowns. I then scored that production using a system of 1 point for sacks, 2 for takeaways and 6 for touchdowns (defense and special teams).

The best defense you could be starting this week in that regard is Dallas, at home tomorrow against Washington. But the Cowboy aren't available in any active fantasy leagues, so consider the Patriots and Giants (who probably are).

Table below shows fantasy points per game surrendered to opposing defenses by each NFL offense. Patriots and Giants both show up in the top 7. Another game with a pair of top-10 choices, at least based on how offenses have performed to this point, is that Jets-Dolphins game (but they're less likely to be available in typical leagues).

Washington Commanders1151129310.1
New York Giants11639439.7
Chicago Bears113212759.1
Carolina Panthers10398548.9
Cleveland Browns102913738.7
New York Jets104081018.2
New England Patriots102311547.9
Miami Dolphins10169747.2
Jacksonville Jaguars102561127.1
Las Vegas Raiders112717416.8
Atlanta Falcons10307916.8
Minnesota Vikings112561416.5
Denver Broncos10324916.4
Philadelphia Eagles10279516.1
Baltimore Ravens11275926.1
Arizona Cardinals11299615.9
Tennessee Titans10358405.9
Detroit Lions10188625.8
Indianapolis Colts10227815.8
Kansas City101311815.7
New Orleans Saints10247515.4
Buffalo Bills111412715.3
Green Bay Packers102210215.2
Los Angeles Rams10229215.0
Houston Texans10235604.5
Cincinnati Bengals10276204.3
Dallas Cowboys10237304.3
Seattle Seahawks10218304.3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers10206404.0
Pittsburgh Steelers10236203.9
Los Angeles Chargers10225303.8
San Francisco 49ers10205403.8

The Patriots, of course, may be making a quarterback change. The Giants have compiled their numbers with three different ones. But no reason to think the overall offensive picture will change with Bailey Zappe or Will Grier (and Tommy DeVito took 9 sacks last week, so he should continue to be a nice option).

--Andy Richardson

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