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Tagged: Fantasy Defenses (64 Results)

Factoid: Rushing touchdowns

While working with the defensive files recently, I noticed that rushing touchdowns were up in 2020. Way up.   more »

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Factoid: Mile High on Denver

The Broncos defense shows up favorably in the season-long rankings. They've got a talented roster, with Von Miller (pictured) returning, and Vic Fangio knows his stuff. They'll likely be ranked very favorably in Week 1, because they're facing Daniel Jones.   more »


Around the NFL: Chandler Jones

Story last week that Chandler Jones wants out of Arizona, apparently unhappy with his contract. It's interesting timing, in that Jones comes off a down year, in which he only played 5 games and only had 1 sack. Regardless, Jones' departure, if things play out that way, would be a negative for the Cardinals defense.   more »

Around the NFL: Steelers Defense

The Steelers signed former Charger pass rusher Melvin Ingram yesterday, and I like the move. Pittsburgh has long had one of the league's best pass rushes, leading the league in sacks four years in a row, and needed reinforcements after losing Bud Dupree in free agency. Ingram isn't comparable of late, but he should still have something left.   more »


Factoid: Broncos Defense

I sometimes scoff at the salary cap, which teams continually find ways to work around, but there are occasions where it forces their hands on moves they'd prefer not to make. Like Chicago releasing cornerback Kyle Fuller, and the Broncos swooping in to sign him to a one-year deal a week later. It's a nice get for Vic Fangio's defense, and might key to them becoming relevant again.   more »


Factoid: Ravens Defense

The Ravens defense is a tricky one to rank. In the offseason they let Matt Judon depart in free agency; he's been their best pass rusher the last few seasons. Is a big decline in order?  more »


Around the NFL: Browns Defense

The Cleveland Browns haven't been big players in free agency, but they did make a couple of nice signings, I think. Both on the defensive side of the ball, both from the Los Angeles Rams. Both in an area of need, too.   more »

Factoid: Colts Defense

The Indianapolis Colts had the No. 1 fantasy defense a year ago, in scoring systems that gave 1 point for sacks, 2 for takeaways and 6 for all touchdowns, anyway. They did so despite being only slightly above-average in sacks (40) and 5th in takeaways (25). Their ability to turn takeaways into touchdowns was key.   more »

Around the NFL: Giant duo

Rather quietly, the New York Giants have been big spenders in free agency. Their huge investment in Kenny Golladay made headlines, but he's one of just three players the team has handed out massive contracts to. The others are on the defensive side of the ball, raising the prospect of this being a 2021 sleeper.   more »


Around the NFL: Broncos Defense

I sometimes scoff at the salary cap, but it does occasionally force teams' hands on moves they'd prefer not to make. Like Chicago releasing cornerback Kyle Fuller last week. The Broncos swooped in to sign him to a one-year deal; it's a nice get for Vic Fangio's defense.   more »

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Around the NFL: Watt and the NFC West

J.J. Watt has signed with the Arizona Cardinals, the second Texans star to make that trek in as many offseasons, after DeAndre Hopkins a year ago. Watt turns 32 this month and is past his prime, but clearly the Cardinals are confident he’s got plenty left — they’re paying him $31 million over the next two seasons.   more »


Factoid: Cleveland Rocks

When I saw Ian's factoid about the Eagles strength of schedule yesterday, I was thinking about their opposition, which includes Cleveland this week. The Browns defense looks like a great option in Week 11, and in fact it should be an excellent fantasy starter most of the rest of the way.   more »


Andy Richardson: Early Defensive Streamers

I'm a fan of streaming defenses. I think you have to be. The most opportunistic defense in the world isn't going to get a lot of sacks and takeaways against Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes. Even a marginal defense should get some production against the likes of Daniel Jones, the Dolphins, and the Jets.   more »


Around the NFL: Seahawks Defense

Jamal Adams has been traded from the Jets to the Seahawks, a reminder that the squeaky wheel is often the one that gets the grease. And I find myself a lot more interested in Seattle's defense in fantasy leagues. It's been fairly mediocre (in sack- and takeaway-based scoring systems) in recent years, but Adams' presence should help push it up into the top 10.   more »


Factoid: Tampa Bay D

There's a lot of interest in Tampa Bay's offense. It had a lot of top performers last year, and now it goes from mistake-prone Jameis Winston operating it to Tom Brady. (We can debate whether safer equates to more productive.) But I think their defense could also be a viable target.   more »


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