While the Kansas City Chiefs are underdogs in Super Bowl LVIII, it’s only by two points, according to sportsbooks. The San Francisco 49ers are formidable opponents because no lead is safe from them, as proven by their victories over the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions.

However, analyst Jay Cuda tweeted that night's moon might favor the defending Super Bowl champions. He tweeted that the moon will be a waxing crescent during Super Bowl LVIII. That works in Kansas City's favor because they are 19-1 over the last five years if playing during a moon of that type.

Their only defeat was in Week 5 of the 2021 season against the Buffalo Bills. Some postseason games are included in that stretch, like their Divisional Round victory over the Cleveland Browns during the 2020 season. They also defeated the Indianapolis Colts under a waxing crescent during the 2018 Divisional Round.

They also won against the Denver Broncos during their 2021 regular-season finale. Even their Wild Card Round victory over the Miami Dolphins this season was under a waxing crescent moon.

In that case, are the celestial bodies lining up to favor the Chiefs? Not so fast, according to Cuda, because the 49ers have their winning trend. They went on to win the Super Bowl if the team they defeated in the NFC Championship Game had a touch of blue on their uniform. The Lions have Honolulu blue in their color scheme, making this trend active.

Therefore, will the moon prevail for the Chiefs, or will the dose of blue add the finishing touches to the 49ers' fantastic season? One thing's for sure: this game will be a thrilling contest.

-Lance Fernandez