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McCaffrey climbing up all-time scoring chart

It’s been quite a season for Christian McCaffrey. He’s bagged 25 touchdowns, and he’s not done yet.

McCaffrey scored 21 touchdowns in the regular season despite sitting out a meaningless Week 18 game against the Rams. He’s scored 2 TDs in each of San Francisco’s playoff games.

In NFL history, only seven players have scored even more touchdowns in a season (including both regular season and playoff games). Only two of those players ended up on the winning side in the Super Bowl game (Terrell Davis, who scored 26 touchdowns in 1998, and Emmitt Smith, who scored 31 in 1995).

Three other players have reached 30-plus touchdowns, but without winning Super Bowls. LaDainian Tomlinson (33 touchdowns) didn't even make it to the conference championship, while both John Riggins and Shaun Alexander scored 30 touchdowns but lost in the Super Bowl game.

2006LaDainian TomlinsonSan Diego1733
1995Emmitt SmithDallas1931
1983John RigginsWashington1830
2005Shaun AlexanderSeattle1930
2003Priest HolmesKansas City1729
2000Marshall FaulkSt. Louis1527
1998Terrell DavisDenver1926
1994Emmitt SmithDallas1725
2023Christian McCaffreySan Francisco1825
2002Priest HolmesKansas City1424
2001Marshall FaulkSt. Louis1724
2007Randy MossNew England1924
1987Jerry RiceSan Francisco1323
1975O.J. SimpsonBuffalo1423
1975Chuck ForemanMinnesota1523
2018Todd GurleyLA Rams1723
2019Aaron JonesGreen Bay1823
1992Emmitt SmithDallas1923
1997Terrell DavisDenver1923
1965Gale SayersChicago1422
1968Leroy KellyCleveland1622
2020Alvin KamaraNew Orleans1722
2003Ahman GreenGreen Bay1822
1989Jerry RiceSan Francisco1922
1996Curtis MartinNew England1922
2021Cooper KuppLA Rams2122
1962Abner HaynesDall. Texans1521
1965Jim BrownCleveland1521
1996Terry AllenWashington1621
2005Larry JohnsonKansas City1621
2023Raheem MostertMiami1621
1985Joe MorrisNY Giants1821
2009Adrian PetersonMinnesota1821
2011Rob GronkowskiNew England1921
1947Spec SandersNY Yankees1520
1962Jim TaylorGreen Bay1520
1964Lenny MooreBaltimore1520
2011LeSean McCoyPhiladelphia1520
2005LaDainian TomlinsonSan Diego1620
2016David JohnsonArizona1620
2020Davante AdamsGreen Bay1620
2021Austin EkelerLA Chargers1620
1981Chuck MuncieSan Diego1720
2004Shaun AlexanderSeattle1720
2008DeAngelo WilliamsCarolina1720
2021Jonathan TaylorIndianapolis1720
1979Earl CampbellHouston1820
1983Eric DickersonLA Rams1820
1984Mark ClaytonMiami1820
2012Arian FosterHouston1820
2019Derrick HenryTennessee1820
2022Austin EkelerLA Chargers1820

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—Ian Allan

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