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Patriots Open to Trade Third Overall Pick

New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo told reporters during the NFL’s annual meetings that he is open to trading the third overall pick in the NFL Draft. However, it would have to come at the right price.

However, Mayo doesn’t believe their roster is talented enough to help a rookie quarterback win. With the Chicago Bears likely taking Caleb Williams with the top overall pick, the Patriots will consider Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels for No. 3.

However, they might also look into Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy, given his rising draft stock. Those quarterbacks will likely visit the Patriots before the draft.

As the Patriots find their preferred quarterback, their decision will depend on what the Washington Commanders will do with the second pick. New England might prefer trading back if their preferred quarterback is off the board.

The Patriots could find a trading partner in the Minnesota Vikings, who traded with the Houston Texans to have two first-round picks. With the 11th and 23rd overall picks in their possession, the Vikings have the draft capital to trade up with the Patriots or the Arizona Cardinals.

Barring any additional trades, the Patriots will have eight draft picks in 2024. In addition to the draft, they can use their $46.9 million cap space to sign some of the remaining free agents.

-Lance Fernandez

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