The Jets are going with Tyrod Taylor as their backup quarterback, and that seems like a good move. I don’t think it’s a realistic to plan on 40-year-old Aaron Rodgers to last all 17 games.

They went that route last year, and it didn’t work well, with Zach Wilson, Trevor Siemian and Tim Boyle unable to move the offense. In Taylor, they’re getting an above-average backup.

Taylor didn’t play much last year, but when he did, he was surprisingly effective. The Giants actually performed better for him than they did under Daniel Jones.

Taylor in his four full games last year averaged 274 passing yards, with 4 TDs and 2 interceptions. While Taylor is 34, he can still move; he averaged 32 rushing yards in those games. Combined, those stats clock out to 20.9 points per week in typical formats; that’s better than most of the league’s regular starters.

And Taylor can really take care of the ball. There are 40 active quarterbacks who have started at least 30 career games. Of that group, Taylor has averaged the fewest interceptions (just 25 in his 58 starts). He’s the only guy with 50-plus starts who’s averaged even fewer picks than Rodgers.

Tyrod Taylor58197.21.05.43
Jacoby Brissett48208.21.00.46
Aaron Rodgers224262.22.12.46
Russell Wilson188232.21.78.56
Lamar Jackson77205.31.61.58
Gardner Minshew37242.31.46.59
Jalen Hurts51228.01.29.65
Dak Prescott114258.41.77.65
Patrick Mahomes96296.12.28.66
Derek Carr159245.91.52.67
Deshaun Watson65256.21.80.68
Justin Herbert62277.81.84.68
Daniel Jones59211.81.05.68
Jared Goff117260.11.58.70
Kyler Murray65240.71.45.71
Joe Burrow52270.81.87.71
Marcus Mariota74206.81.23.72
Carson Wentz93238.41.63.72
Tua Tagovailoa51244.51.59.73
Zach Wilson33186.5.67.73
Kirk Cousins145268.81.83.73
Mitchell Trubisky57207.01.19.74
Ryan Tannehill151228.91.43.75
Justin Fields38173.81.05.76
Case Keenum66222.81.17.77
Trevor Lawrence50235.41.16.78
Brian Hoyer42225.91.07.79
Jimmy Garoppolo63240.21.44.81
Geno Smith66216.61.23.83
Joe Flacco185237.11.32.84
Josh Allen93243.31.80.84
Mac Jones42212.31.10.86
Baker Mayfield86229.61.48.86
Colt McCoy36200.1.83.86
Matthew Stafford206272.11.73.87
Andy Dalton163234.31.50.88
Trevor Siemian33217.91.18.91
Blaine Gabbert49178.7.92.94
Sam Darnold56210.11.11.98
Jameis Winston80267.81.701.16

The contract Taylor signed indicates the Jets believe he’s an above-average backup. It’s $12 million for two years.

He makes some sense in those large-roster best-ball leagues, where teams are drafting 4-6 quarterbacks (to account for there being no roster moves). In such as format, you can draft a Rodgers-Taylor combo and figure you’ve got the second quarterback position secured.

—Ian Allan