The Jaguars selected Tank Bigsby in the third round a year ago, and there was some hope (or speculation) he'd be a nice change-of-pace and short-yardage complement to Travis Etienne. That didn't happen, but Doug Pederson isn't giving up on him.

"We have to get him going, bottom line," Pederson says. Earlier, he had spoken of wanting to reduce Travis Etienne's workload some, and Bigsby emerging would be a way for that to happen.

Bigsby struggled as a rookie, there's no getting around that. His 50 carries went for just 132 yards, which is 2.6 per attempt. Not good. But a year 2 emergence can still happen.

Since 2000, there have 37 other rookie running backs who received at least 50 carries but averaged 3.5 yards per attempt or worse. That includes 10 guys under 3.0, like Bigsby, including another former Jaguar (Greg Jones).

Fifteen of those guys, including four of the sub-3.0 guys, came back and averaged at least 4.0 yards per attempt in their second seasons. Six of them were top-20 fantasy backs in PPR leagues.

Table shows all of those under-3.5 yards per attempt rookies, sorted by yards per carry in Year 2. (OOL = out of league)

2013Joseph Randle, Dall.541643.0513436.774
2019Patrick Laird, Mia.621682.713725.5100
2018Chase Edmonds, Ari.602083.5603035.156
2014Charles Sims, T.B.661852.81075294.916
2017Joe Mixon, Cin.1786263.523711684.910
2018Ito Smith, Atl.903153.5221064.885
2013LeVeon Bell, Pitt.2448603.529013614.71
2015Matt Jones, Was.1444903.4994604.757
2010Jahvid Best, Det.1715553.3843904.643
2001James Jackson, Cle.1955542.812544.5123
2001Travis Henry, Buff.2137293.432514384.49
2022Zonovan Knight, NYJ853003.53134.3155
2002Lamar Gordon, St.L.652283.5712984.273
2008Tim Hightower, Ari.1433992.81435984.214
2017Samaje Perine, Was.1756033.58324.0124
2015Melvin Gordon, S.D.1846413.52549973.97
2000Ron Dayne, NYG2287703.41806903.835
2014Alfred Blue, Hou.1695283.11836983.847
2004Greg Jones, Jac.621622.61515753.850
2016Devontae Booker, Den.1746123.5792993.850
2001Nick Goings, Car.661973.0501883.877
2011Daniel Thomas, Mia.1655813.5913253.649
2007Brian Leonard, St.L.863033.5273.5165
2013Knile Davis, K.C.702423.51344633.534
2000J.R. Redmond, N.E.1254063.3351193.481
2000Thomas Jones, Ari.1123733.31123803.444
2000Frank Moreau, K.C.671792.78273.4125
2020Joshua Kelley, LAC1113543.2331023.1112
2010Anthony Dixon, S.F.702373.429873.098
2014Andre Williams, NYG2177213.3882572.989
2002Jonathan Wells, Hou.1975292.75142.8141
2016Dwayne Washington, Det.902652.920442.2132
2005J.J. Arrington, Ari.1123703.314191.496
2000Travis Prentice, Cle.1735123.01413.9112
2015David Cobb, Ten.521462.8OOL
2009Glen Coffee, S.F.832262.7OOL
2016Kenneth Farrow, S.D.601923.2OOL
2023Tank Bigsby, Jac.501322.6????????????

Also on Bigsby's behalf, it's not like the team's other running backs were dramatically better. Etienne averaged just 3.8 yards per attempt, while D'Ernest Johnson was down at 2.6 with Bigsby. Jacksonville re-signed Johnson last month, so Bigsby will need to do something in the preseason to even ensure he secures that No. 2 job.

But I'm willing to take a chance on him as the correct No. 2 in this ground game. Johnson was bad enough last year (41 carries for 108 yards) without the excuse of being a rookie finding his way that it's fair to wonder whether his previous success in Cleveland wasn't merely a product of being in a great rushing offense. The one-year contract he signed in March was a minimum deal; he's not even guaranteed to make the team. If I select Etienne (and even if I don't), Bigsby is worth a shot in a later round as a No. 2 with the potential to be useful in fantasy leagues (and even better if Etienne gets hurt).

--Andy Richardson