The Dolphins signed Odell Beckham last week. The 31-year-old was just one of several older wideouts to catch on with teams. Allen Robinson (30) signed with the Giants, and 29-year-old Zay Jones signed with the Cardinals. Will these veterans be making an impact?

For Beckham, he'd likely need an injury to either Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle to really put up significant numbers (and even then it's not certain, especially considering he's the likeliest one to get hurt). Robinson has been a non-factor for several years now and is joining a Daniel Jones-led passing game that will surely be trying to feature Malik Nabers and/or Wan'Dale Robinson -- probably won't be happening for him. Zay is a relative spring chicken, and the Cardinals don't have much besides rookie Marvin Harrison, so maybe.

In any case, 30 years old need not be a death sentence for wide receivers. Last year in particular was a good year for older wide receivers, like say Mike Evans (pictured) delivering quality production.

I looked at the last 10 years of wideouts aged 30 years or older during the season. There have been 57 to put up at least top-40 production in PPR leagues -- nearly 6 per year. Fifteen have ranked in the top 12 at their position, so 1-2 per year.

And that's on average. Based on 2023, it might be becoming more common. Last year, four wide receivers aged 30 or older ranked in the top 10, and five more at least finished with top 40 numbers.

Table shows wideouts over the age of 30 who have put up top-40 production in PPR leagues in the last 10 years. The 2023 success stories are in bold.

2016Jordy Nelson, G.B.3115297125713.0142
2022Davante Adams, L.V.30180100151615.2143
2019Julio Jones, Atl.3015799139414.163
2015Brandon Marshall, NYJ31173109150213.8143
2018Antonio Brown, Pitt.30168104129712.5155
2017Larry Fitzgerald, Ari.34161109115610.665
2023Mike Evans, T.B.3013679125515.9137
2019Julian Edelman, N.E.33153100111711.267
2015Larry Fitzgerald, Ari.32145109121511.297
2023Keenan Allen, LAC31150108124311.578
2023Stefon Diggs, Buff.30160107118311.189
2023Davante Adams, L.V.31175103114411.1810
2020Adam Thielen, Min.301087492512.51410
2016Larry Fitzgerald, Ari.3315010710239.6611
2015Calvin Johnson, Det.3014988121413.8912
2022Tyler Lockett, Sea.3011784103312.3913
2016Julian Edelman, N.E.3015998110611.3314
2017Demaryius Thomas, Den.301408394911.4516
2023Adam Thielen, Car.3313710310149.8417
2020Marvin Jones, Det.301157697812.9918
2014Steve Smith Sr., Balt.3513479106513.5618
2014Anquan Boldin, S.F.3413083106212.8519
2018Julian Edelman, N.E.321087485011.5621
2014Roddy White, Atl.331258092111.5721
2023DeAndre Hopkins, Ten.3113775105714.1722
2018Emmanuel Sanders, Den.31987186812.2523
2016Mike Wallace, Balt.3011672101714.1423
2016Pierre Garcon, Was.3011479104113.2324
2018Larry Fitzgerald, Ari.351126973410.6626
2020Cole Beasley, Buff.311078296711.8427
2021Adam Thielen, Min.31956772610.81028
2014Andre Johnson, Hou.331468593611.0328
2017Michael Crabtree, Oak.301015861810.7830
2015James Jones, G.B.31995089017.8830
2022Adam Thielen, Min.321077071610.2631
2018Golden Tate, 2TM301137479510.7431
2019Emmanuel Sanders, 2TM32976686913.2532
2023Tyler Lockett, Sea.311227989411.3533
2014Vincent Jackson, T.B.3114270100214.3233
2021Marvin Jones, Jac.311207383211.4434
2019Cole Beasley, Buff.301066777811.6634
2017Ted Ginn, N.O.32705378714.9434
2015Ted Ginn, Car.30974473916.81034
2014Brandon Marshall, Chi.301066172111.8834
2019Larry Fitzgerald, Ari.361097580410.7435
2016Brandon LaFell, Cin.301076486213.5635
2016Steve Smith Sr., Balt.371017079911.4537
2014Marques Colston, N.O.311005990215.3537
2023Brandin Cooks, Dall.30815465712.2838
2018Jordy Nelson, Oak.33886373911.7338
2017Mike Wallace, Balt.31925274814.4438
2014James Jones, Oak.30112736669.1638
2021Cole Beasley, Buff.32112826938.5139
2018Demaryius Thomas, 2TM31895967711.5539
2023Cooper Kupp, LAR30955973712.5540
2015Anquan Boldin, S.F.351116978911.4440
2014Malcom Floyd, S.D.33925285616.5640

In general, it's hard to get optimistic about the two 30-somethings who signed last week. Too many injuries for Beckham, and too long since Robinson did anything noteworthy. But the age in itself doesn't rule it out. Guys like Kupp and Cooks and the other 30-year-olds who produced last year -- no need to write them off for 2024.

--Andy Richardson