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Tagged: offensive line (5 Results)

Offensive Lines: Miami Dolphins

Working on the offensive line story for the magazine, it's usually a challenge figuring out who should be last. Every team is trying to assemble a competent line, of course; nobody wants to get their quarterback killed out there. A year ago the rebuilding Dolphins were last, and I hate to see it but they might be last again.   more »


Offensive Lines: Pro Bowl linemen on the market

The Eagles and Saints have two of the league's very best offensive lines, so when they move on from a player, other teams should be placing a call. That will probably happen very quickly with Jason Peters and Larry Warford.   more »


Factoid: Offensive line play

When it comes to evaluating offensive lines, quarterback sacks are certainly telling, and from a team perspective, the most significant issue. If the quarterback is getting sacked a lot, the offense is taking a lot of negative plays that take yards and ultimately points off the scoreboard. But they're not the entire story.   more »


Around the NFL: Detroit Lions

It's two steps forward, one step back for the Detroit offensive line. On the plus side, they added T.J. Lang and Ricky Wagner during free agency. Those additions helped them slot among our top 15 offensive lines in the magazine story. But now they're going to have to play a good chunk of the season without left tackle Taylor Decker.   more »


Around the NFL: New York Giants

I like what the New York Giants have done so far this offseason. They signed Brandon Marshall, which was the big-name move; a long-time No. 1 wideout who in New York will slot in as the No. 2 and isn't making much more than a lot of lesser receivers signed for recently. And I also think they're trying to strengthen the blocking up front.   more »

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