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Factoid: Tampa running backs

Ronald Jones sat out last week's Tampa Bay game at Washington, much to the dismay of those who started him (he was held out after aggravating a quad injury in pregame warmups). Jones has now started off this week with a missed practice, so he's iffy for the game at New Orleans.   more »


Trivia: January 13, 2021

Tom Brady threw for 381 yards for the Buccaneers on Saturday night; he previously threw for even more yards in playoff games for the Patriots. Who is the only other quarterback who’s gone over 380 yards in passing yards in playoff games for two different franchises? answer »

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Poll: January 12, 2021

What older quarterback will put up the best numbers next year?

Philip Rivers (5%)
Ben Roethlisberger (10%)
Drew Brees (4%)
Tom Brady (82%)

Factoid: Devonta Smith

Typically you don’t want to select wide receivers in the first round. There are so many really good ones who are selected in the later rounds. Most recently, Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool and Gabriel Davis. But Devonta Smith sure was impressive in the national championship game last night.   more »


Factoid: Davante Adams

The Packers host the Rams in the first Divisional Round game this weekend, with Davante Adams versus Jalen Ramsey one of the key matchups. Los Angeles allowed just 7 touchdowns to wide receivers this season, 3 fewer than any other team, while Adams scored 18 touchdowns, 3 more than any other wideout. Something has got to give.   more »


Trivia: January 12, 2021

Jared Goff and Aaron Rodgers both played at Cal; now they’ll start against each other in a playoff game. Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield both played at Texas Tech (before Mayfield transferred to Oklahoma); they’ll similarly now start against each other. And all four of these guys are former first-round picks. When was the last time this happened (two first-round quarterbacks from the same school starting against each other in a playoff game)? The quarterbacks in question were both selected in the top 5 overall, six years apart. answer »


Viva Murillo!: January Fantasy Insights

When normal people watch playoff games, they're rooting for their favorite team, or maybe against a hated team. Maybe they like a specific player or storyline. Maybe they're checking out who their team will play in the next round. Or maybe they're just bored and want to see an entertaining game. When we watch, it's all of the above, and then some. We have our scouting hats on and want to see how players are (or aren't) progressing, and maybe gain a little insight for next season. And if you do that during the playoffs, you stand a good chance of hurting your team before you even draft it.   more »


Fantasy News: Playoff defenses

Looking at the upcoming games, I don’t see a defense that looks particularly likely to put up big numbers. There are some good ones left, but it’s tough getting many chances to make plays against most of the quarterbacks left in the tournament.  more »


Andy Richardson: A Weekend of Football

This was the first playoff weekend with six NFL games. Thoughts? May as well discuss it since there's probably no going back. Personally, having 18 hours of games over a 2-day period feels like a little much. It's like I was back in college and all the Bowl games were going on non-stop. I can't handle that pace anymore.   more »


Trivia: January 11, 2021

What’s the only jersey number under 20 that’s never been worn by a starting quarterback in a Super Bowl game? answer »

Scheduletron: Strength of schedule

Playing around with the numbers, I notice the Packers just played the 2nd-easiest schedule by any team in the last three years. Not that they’re not a great and deserving team, but this could be supporting evidence that they’re not quite as awesome and flawless as some believe.  more »

Around the NFL: Sunday morning injury updates

We've got another three football games today, and looks like the Saints will be at something close to full strength. Alvin Kamara, who'd been on the COVID-reserve list, has been activated, as has Michael Thomas (ankle) from injured reserve.   more »


Trivia: January 10, 2021

Who’s the only player in league history who’s had four 1,000-yard receiving seasons with two different teams? This is a difficult one, so keep in mind that we don’t generally ask questions unless there’s a somewhat interesting reason. This question is being asked today – not 10 days ago, and not 10 days from now. answer »

Factoid: Upset special

Tampa Bay is favored by 8.5 points on Saturday. That’s understandable. They’ve got a lot of talent, while Washington bumbled to a 7-9 record in the regular season. But these kind of playoff games don’t tend to be as one-sided as you would think.  more »


24 Hours 'Til Sunday: Snapshot previews of all the games

Every Saturday morning, I'll take a quick look at all the week's games, offering my own brief take on what I think will happen, as well as touching on significant injury news since our Weekly came out. I'll check in every so often over the course of the day to answer lineup questions, too.  more »


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