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Around the NFL: Ricky Seals-Jones

I have some interest in Ricky Seals-Jones. He looks like a good guy to select in the last round of the draft – possibly could develop into something.   more »


Factoid: Tennessee Titans Defense

Spoiler: the Tennessee Titans might be a little higher in the fantasy defense rankings than you'd expect this year. Last season they were just 18th, and even that was their first time finishing in the top 20 in six years. (In a scoring system of 1 point for sacks, 2 for takeaways and 6 for touchdowns.)   more »

Trivia: May 17, 2018

In NFL history, who are the only two undrafted players who’ve run for more than 100 yards in over 30 games? One played most of his pro ball in the same state where the other played in college. answer »


Factoid: Sebastian Janikowski

The Seahawks are bringing in Sebastian Janikowski, but I don’t know that he’ll be a big upgrade over Blair Walsh. He’s 40, and the Raiders didn’t want to bring him back.  more »

Andy Richardson: Handcuff running backs

A couple of the rookie running backs have been drafted into situations where they have no chance of winning the starting job. The Rams selected John Kelly, the Cardinals selected Chase Edmonds (pictured). Those guys won't be beating out Todd Gurley or David Johnson.   more »


Trivia: May 16, 2018

What former San Diego Chargers assistant was named AFL Coach of the Year in 1963? answer »

Around the NFL: Remaining free agents

I see that Jason Witten is saying he believes Dez Bryant will sign with the Packers. That would be intriguing, with Aaron Rodgers perhaps being able to better utilize Bryant in the red zone. Too often Bryant and Dak Prescott weren’t on the same page in that part of the field.  more »


Around the NFL: Christian Kirk

The Cardinals selected Christian Kirk in the second round of the draft, and there was some hope he might contribute right away. The Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald and not much else at the position; not much proven anyway.   more »


Trivia: May 15, 2018

Chuck Knox passed away on Sunday. He finished his coaching career with a record of 186-147-1, yet never made it to a Super Bowl. Who are the only other two coaches with at least 100 wins in the Super Bowl era, with even better career winning percentages, who also never made it to championship games? Both coached in the same division as Knox in multiple seasons. answer »

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Around the NFL: Kamara will play part time

The Saints won’t have Mark Ingram for the first four games of the season, but Sean Payton says his preference is not overwork Alvin Kamara. The Saints would rather preserve Kamara by keeping him in a time-share role.  more »


Andy Richardson: First 2018 experts draft

Represented Fantasy Index in my first experts draft of the season over the weekend. Those fantasy football preview magazines you see on the newsstands in July (including ours) have to go to print in early June, so May is the time for experts drafts. We're not allowed to discuss the entire thing, but we can talk about our own team. So here goes.   more »


Trivia: May 14, 2018

What are the only two teams in league history to win seven straight division titles? answer »


Factoid: Sophomore receivers

At what point do we give up on a player? Or at least start to sour on them? Corey Davis, Mike Williams and John Ross were all big disappointments as rookies. Do any of these guys have a chance to turn things around?   more »


Factoid: Defensive touchdowns

With defensive touchdowns, you're generally chasing relatively low annual production. On average, teams get about 2-3 per season; that's both defensive and special teams scores. But some are definitely better than others, and some are far worse.   more »

Trivia: May 13, 2018

What do these players have in common: Melvin Gordon, Tevin Coleman, Tavon Austin, Samaje Perine, Matt Forte and D’Onta Foreman? answer »

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