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Factoid: Aaron Rodgers

In general, I'm in on Aaron Rodgers this season. I think the new Jets quarterback will be playing with a chip on his shoulder, which has worked out for other older elite quarterbacks changing teams. And I think he can still play. But I'm not sure he's going to be able to do it for more than one season, and even for 2023, I can't help but wondering how much he has left.   more »


Trivia: May 29, 2023

What player was his team’s Rookie of the Year in 1968, left following that season to serve in Vietnam, and was killed in action on July 21, 1970? answer »

Factoid: Bijan Robinson

The selection of Bijan Robinson with the eighth pick of the draft surprised the heck out of me. Teams don’t like to select running backs that early, and it doesn’t seem like a position of need for the Falcons.   more »


Around the NFL: Giants wide receivers

Looking at the Giants offense, I'm perplexed as to who their top wide receiver will be. They have a lot of different guys who have done stuff in the past, and several guys who they're hoping will do stuff in the future. But hard to be confident any will do it this year.   more »


Trivia: May 28, 2023

What current team changed its name twice in 1971? This team used one name thru the 1970 season, switched to a new name in the offseason, then switched to another name a month later (which is still the franchise’s name). answer »

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Factoid: Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are quite a combo. It’s unusually for a team to have two wide receivers putting up those kind of numbers at the same time.   more »

Around the NFL: Baker Mayfield

The Bucs are going from Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield as their starting quarterback, which is why I have zero interest in anything connected with Tampa Bay's offense. Their receivers aren't likely to put up numbers remotely close to what they've done in the past.   more »

Trivia: May 27, 2023

LaDainian Tomlinson scored a record 31 touchdowns in the 2006 season). Who are the only other three players who’ve scored more than 25 touchdowns in an NFL season? answer »

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Around the NFL: DeAndre Hopkins

Arizona has released DeAndre Hopkins. Now let’s see where he goes. He’s been a dominating receiver, but he also turns 31 next month and it seems he’s been difficult to work with.   more »


Factoid: Elijah Moore

The Browns didn't have any early draft picks, but they did bring an early-round talent in former Jet wideout Elijah Moore. Moore's time in New York looked finite when he complained about his role and wanted to be traded a year ago, plus the Jets had to clear room for Aaron Rodgers' various golfing buddies. Moore needed to go elsewhere.   more »


Trivia: May 26, 2023

What are the only three teams that have had four different coaches win the league’s Coach of the Year award during the Super Bowl era? answer »

Factoid: Kenny Pickett

I liked the way Kenny Pickett played late last year, going 6-1 in his last seven full games. He led those late-game touchdown drives to pull out wins against the Raiders and Ravens. I just wish he had thrown a few more touchdown passes.   more »


Dynasty Leagues: Deep Dynasty Adds

My dynasty league opens up its waiver wire this time of year. There's not a lot out there, with our rookie draft having been completed, and with 26-player rosters. But there are a few guys I'd like to find the roster room for. Because you never know.   more »


Trivia: May 25, 2023

In the 32-team era, what are the only two teams that have used four different quarterbacks who came into the league as the No. 1 overall pick of the draft? answer »

Around the NFL: Offseason winners

Picking through the gains and losses for each team, it looks like the Bears, Falcons, Jets and Texans have had the strongest offseasons. That’s how it looks when you ballpark the value of the players switching teams, and that opinion is supported by the value of the contracts handed out.   more »


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