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Around the NFL: Aaron Rodgers

I'm not a fan of Aaron Rodgers. I mean yeah he's a jerk of course, but I also think 40-year-old quarterbacks who tore their Achilles after just a handful of plays a year ago are poor investment opportunities. But I can't deny that if he stays healthy, he could be a fantasy steal.   more »


Trivia: April 15, 2024

Russell Wilson and Justin Fields started most of last year for the Broncos and Bears; now the Steelers have both of them. When was the last time a team during a season started two different quarterbacks who the previous season started most of the season for other teams? With the other pair of quarterbacks, one is still active, while the other wishes he was. (Pittsburgh, of course, hasn’t actually done this yet – it remains to be seen if both Wilson and Fields start games). answer »

Factoid: Running on empty

Those were pretty pungent seasons that Jamaal Williams and Dameon Pierce put together last year. Both averaged only 2.9 yards per carry.   more »


Factoid: Brock Purdy

I've got Brock Purdy as one of my two quarterbacks in my main dynasty league; the other is Kyler Murray. Since Murray was a first overall pick, it's weird to think that Purdy might be the more valuable dynasty quarterback. But he had a pretty remarkable season last year.   more »


Trivia: April 14, 2024

What quarterback in the last two years has lost 16 fumbles – 7 more than any other quarterback? answer »

Factoid: Gardner Minshew

The Raiders signed Gardner Minshew to a two-year contract that averages $12.5 million, and I thought that was an interesting signing. It gives them some flexibility heading into the draft.   more »


Andy Richardson: Quarterback draft-day trades

It's an exciting year for quarterbacks in the NFL Draft. Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye seem slated to be the top 3 picks, and 2 or even 3 others (J.J. McCarthy, pictured, Bo Nix, Michael Penix) might be selected in the first round. And there will probably be some trades.  more »

Trivia: April 13, 2024

O.J. Simpson died on Thursday. During his NFL career, he ran for over 200 yards in games six times. Who are the only other two players who has done this? answer »


Factoid: New Orleans

Picking through the numbers from last year, the Saints look better than I remembered them. After a slow start, they got that offense rolling pretty good.   more »


Factoid: 60-sack defenses

The Ravens had one of the top defenses (fantasy or otherwise) last year, but a step back in 2024 seems likely. There will be personnel changes, and the history of defenses putting up the kind of numbers they did indicates a decline is in order.   more »


Trivia: April 12, 2024

Josh Allen has won double-digit games five years in a row but hasn’t played in a Super Bowl. Who is the only other quarterback who’s won at least 10 games in five different seasons but hasn’t played in a Super Bowl? answer »

Factoid: Denver running backs

I’m not sure who’ll be starting at quarterback for the Broncos. Most likely it will be a rookie. But whoever it is, I expect he’ll be connecting on plenty of passes to running backs.   more »


Around the NFL: Titans backfield

The departure of Derrick Henry heightened the interest in Tennessee's second-year back Tyjae Spears. That was quickly taken away by the signing of Tony Pollard in free agency, at least somewhat. But I remain very interested in Spears, who seems to have a lot more breakout potential.   more »

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Trivia: April 11, 2024

James Cook last year finished with 1,567 yards from scrimmage, but with only 6 TDs. Who are the only two running backs in league history who TWICE have finished with even more yards while scoring even fewer touchdowns? They played in the same city. answer »

Factoid: Pat Freiermuth

There are times that Pat Freiermuth looks like a big-time tight end. I think the talent level is just fine. But I am losing confidence that the Steelers will ever truly get him going.   more »

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