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Trivia: September 16, 2018

Saquon Barkley went head-to-head against Leonard Fournette last week, and tonight he gets Ezekiel Elliott – back-to-back matchups of running backs drafted with top-4 picks. When was the last year a team went into a game with a running back it had selected with a top-4 draft pick, playing against an opponent with a running back it had selected in the top 4? answer »


NFL Injury Report: Gordon won't play

The Browns have ruled out Josh Gordon. He’s got a hamstring injury that will prevent him playing at New Orleans.   more »


24 Hours 'Til Sunday: Snapshot previews of all the games

Every Saturday morning, I'll take a quick look at all the week's games, offering my own brief take on what I think will happen, as well as touching on significant injury news since our Weekly came out. I'll check in every so often over the course of the day to answer questions, too.  more »


Trivia: September 15, 2018

Brandon Marshall caught a team-record 118 passes in 2012 for Chicago (where he’ll return Monday night), and he caught a team-record 109 passes for the Jets in 2015. Who is the only other player who holds the team record for receptions for two different franchises? answer »


Fantasy Index Weekly: The Friday night Weekly supplement is available now

Get the revised rankings and team updates for Week 2 games. Fantasy Index Weekly rankings and updates are accessible to customers who've purchased The Fantasy Index SuperFanatic newsletter package, the full-season Fantasy Index Weekly subscription, or the stand-alone issue for this week.   more »


Podcast: September 14 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff preview Week 2 of the NFL regular season. Sponsored by Fantasy Index Blackout -- LAST CHANCE to enter our podcast-exclusive #BeatTheProteges contest.  more »


Mailbag: September 14, 2018

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. Is it time to panic on Christian McCaffrey? And Chris Carson? And Derrick Henry? Is Dante Pettis a sneaky sleeper? And what is the long-term prognosis for Anthony Miller? more »


Around the NFL: Updated offensive line rankings

We've had a chance to see all the lines play in an actual game now, so it's easier to move them around a little bit based on performance. Not that they all faced the same level of defensive fronts, but we have more visual evidence to go on. And of course, once the games start, key players start to suffer injuries.   more »


Trivia: September 14, 2018

Jared Cook went for 180 yards on Sunday night, and he now holds the single-game tight end receiving record for three different teams – including 169 for Tennessee and 141 for the Rams. Who are the only other two tight ends in the Super Bowl era who’ve had games with 140-plus yards for two different franchises? answer »


NFL Injury Report: Sunday's key injuries

The league has released the injury report for Thursday. I’ve read through it, and I see seven names that come to mind – ones that could affect fantasy lineups.  more »


Podcast: September 13 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff look back on Week 1 of the regular season and preview tonight's Ravens-Bengals game. Sponsored by DraftKings.  more »


Andy Richardson: Fantasy Index Blackout Week 2 Lineup

I got off to a decent start last week, scoring 194 or so. Seemed great until I saw the number of people scoring well above the Mendoza line. A high-scoring week, and a bunch of fairly easy starts blew up. It won't always be that easy. Or will it? Let's see.   more »


Ask the Experts: Which Week 1 performance will be the biggest mirage?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which Week 1 performance will be the biggest mirage?  more »


Trivia: September 13, 2018

On opening day in New Orleans, Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson both went over 140 receiving yards and scored. What was the last other pair of teammates to do this in the same game? answer »


Around the NFL: Running back injuries

It’s never long before injuries occur at running back, and this year isn’t going to be any different. One week in, and three different starters could be missing on Sunday: Leonard Fournette, Devonta Freeman and Rex Burkhead.   more »


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