I did the two Fanex experts mocks recently. There was the Fanex Analysis Draft in June, and there was the auction that started in early July. And those are kind-of sort-of interesting because 11 of the franchises were picked by the same guys.

There was some crossover in the choices, but not as much as I would have expected. Of my 20 players (in each league) 11 were the same in both leagues. Chris Dolfi and Tom Walls (who co-own a team) finished with 10. But only two other owners made it up to seven.

I would have expected more. After all, the owners are presumably working with the same lists. You would think that the late-round favorites of the guys when they were picking in late June would be the same guys they’d pick up for a dollar late in the auction a few weeks later.

But that wasn’t the case. Mike Nease, most notably, picked 40 players with only name coming up twice (Jameis Winston, as a later-round guy). And Dish Adams and Brady Tinker had only three of those players.

I don’t see how this is possible. For me, when I stack my board, that’s my list. So when it’s the third, fourth, fifth round, there will be guys who’ll tend to be available that I will wind up selecting. They’re the guys who aren’t as high on other people’s boards. And it makes sense in an auction that those same owners who didn’t want to select them will now also not be willing to break the bank for them in an auction format.

1.04$48RB Adrian PetersonSerritella
1.09$47WR Dez BryantDolfi
1.10$35RB Arian FosterSchauf
2.01$39WR Demaryius ThomasPanizo
2.07$30RB Jeremy HillAllan
2.12$32WR Jordy NelsonCahill
3.01$31QB Aaron RodgersCahill
3.08$26WR Brandin CooksDay
3.09$22WR DeAndre HopkinsDolfi
3.10$21RB Frank GoreSchauf
4.07$20RB C.J. SpillerAllan
4.09$15WR Jeremy MaclinSerritella
5.03$12RB Joseph RandleTinker
5.06$14WR Roddy WhiteAllan
5.08$21WR Andre JohnsonDay
5.09$15RB Jonathan StewartDolfi
5.12$15TE Martellus BennettPanizo
6.01$23QB Peyton ManningPanizo
6.05$8RB Rashad JenningsDay
6.07$10WR Larry FitzgeraldAllan
6.11$14RB Giovani BernardHolm
6.12$7RB LeGarrette BlountCahill
7.06$14QB Cam NewtonAllan
8.01$8RB Knile DavisPanizo
8.03$13WR Steve Smith Sr.Schauf
8.09$8RB Tre MasonSerritella
8.11$12WR Nelson AgholorHolm
9.03$2WR Michael FloydTinker
9.10$5RB Chris IvorySchauf
10.01$2TE Owen DanielsPanizo
10.07$5RB Devonta FreemanAllan
10.10$4WR Pierre GarconTinker
10.11$3RB Charles SimsHolm
11.01$3RB Bishop SankeyCahill
11.09$2RB Darren McFaddenDolfi
12.03$5QB Carson PalmerSchauf
12.04$4TE Delanie WalkerDolfi
12.07$2TE Josh HillAllan
13.02$1TE Austin Seferian-JenkinsHolm
13.04$3RB Matt JonesSerritella
13.05$2QB Jameis WinstonNease
13.11$1WR Devin FunchessAdams
14.04$1RB Stevan RidleyDolfi
14.07$2ST St. LouisAllan
14.09$3RB Cameron Artis-PayneSerritella
15.06$3TE Vernon DavisAllan
15.09$1QB Marcus MariotaDolfi
15.12$2TE Larry DonnellPanizo
16.03$1ST MiamiSchauf
16.04$1ST NY JetsDolfi
16.07$2ST Kansas CityAllan
16.09$2TE Charles ClaySerritella
16.11$1ST CarolinaHolm
17.02$1PK Connor BarthHolm
17.06$1RB Dan HerronAllan
17.09$1PK Steven HauschkaDolfi
17.10$1ST DenverSchauf
18.02$1TE Richard RodgersAdams
18.04$1WR Markus WheatonDolfi
18.05$1PK Shaun SuishamDay
18.09$1WR DeAndrew WhiteSerritella
19.11$1PK Sebastian JanikowskiAdams

I always take a peak at the end of these things to see which opponents I think did the best and worst. This time around, I think the Dolfi/Walls franchises did the best job of accumulating talent. I’ve got them as the No. 1 opponent in the draft league, and No. 2 in auction. Tony Holm is the other guy I had in the top 4 in both leagues.

Ric Serritella and Jim Day were the two guys whose opinions were the most different than my own. If my projections turn out to be perfectly correct, Serritella will finish last in both of these leagues. I have Day with the 3rd-worst team in both league.

Dish Adams, I don’t understand him. He has (according to my figures) the 2nd-worst team in the draft league, but the same guy (presumably using the same draft board) finished with the top opposing roster in the auction format. He, of course, was one of the wild-card owners, with only three players in common across the two leagues.

If you want to check out the results of these two leagues, they’re both online at MyFantasyLeague.com. Click here for the auction league. And the Draft League is also available.

—Ian Allan