Let me take another run at the weighing of the different positions. I want to present it in a slightly different way, and I want to bring quarterbacks and tight ends into the discussion. Some, after all, may be thinking about selecting Rob Gronkowski or Cam Newton in the top 5.

On the chart below, I’m listing the top performer for each year at each of the notable positions since 2000. That’s 16 years, and with there being QB, RB, WR and TE, that makes 64 total players – the best for each of those seasons.

Listed are those players, and the points they scored (using standard scoring).

Now let’s suppose that if you didn’t have the best player at any particular position, you’d figure out a way to at least get the worst. That is, if you didn’t have the No. 1 quarterback, you’d have the No. 12 guy (with there being 12-teams in your league). Same with tight ends.

For running backs and wide receivers, fantasy teams typically start two, so I used the 24th guy for those positions. We’ll say that teams in your league, by hook or by crook, would figure out a way to get that kind of production at each position.

Then compare those No. 1 guys to the worst starters (for their given year). That gives you an estimate of net worth.

In this century, running backs (in bold) have tended to dominate. But the worst running back came last year, when Devonta Freeman (who wasn’t coveted at drafts) outscored the 24th-best running back by only 122 points.

Wide receivers have a black dot. They’ve tended to come after running backs in relative value.

I’ve not saying this means you must select a running back in the first round. A lot of those wide receivers look very safe and solid, and there’s something to be said for not blowing your first-round pick on a guy who gets hurt or busts.

I’ve also tossed the quarterbacks into this, and if you can get a hold of that No. 1 quarterback, he’s tended to be better than the No. 1 wide receiver. At least by this measure.

Tight end has been the weakest of the positions.

This is not meant to be the final word or ultimate conclusion on the topic. This is just one chart looking at it one way. But it reinforces my gut belief that if you can get a hold of a really good running back – like LeVeon Bell or Todd Gurley this year (I think) – they’re probably going to beat out that top receiver in a standard format. If you’re going PPR, then that really supercharges those 110-catch wide receivers.

2006RBLaDainian Tomlinson426161265
2003RBPriest Holmes373142231
2005RBShaun Alexander364143221
2000RBMarshall Faulk379159220
2002RBPriest Holmes373154218
2001RBMarshall Faulk343135208
2009RBChris Johnson349150199
2010RBArian Foster330138192
2012RBAdrian Peterson311121190
2014RBDeMarco Murray304122183
2007QBTom Brady462281181
2013RBJamaal Charles312132180
2011QBDrew Brees476302174
2013QBPeyton Manning497323174
2004QBDaunte Culpepper450280171
2007RBLaDainian Tomlinson307142165
2007WR• Randy Moss287131157
2011RBRay Rice301149152
2004RBShaun Alexander307157149
2003WR• Randy Moss267121146
2000QBDaunte Culpepper422278144
2011TERob Gronkowski24198143
2008RBDeAngelo Williams286148137
2011WR• Calvin Johnson265130135
2014WR• Antonio Brown261137125
2013TEJimmy Graham21893124
2015RBDevonta Freeman247126122
2001QBKurt Warner394273121
2008QBDrew Brees389271119
2006QBPeyton Manning373257116
2015WR• Antonio Brown256142114
2009QBAaron Rodgers409296114
2000TETony Gonzalez17463112
2005WR• Steve Smith Sr.237125112
2000WR• Randy Moss236126111
2012QBDrew Brees437327110
2002WR• Marvin Harrison241133109
2002QBDaunte Culpepper388281106
2001WR• Marvin Harrison243137106
2004TEAntonio Gates17469105
2014QBAndrew Luck443342102
2015QBCam Newton45535897
2015TERob Gronkowski1848994
2013WR• Josh Gordon22713493
2005TEAntonio Gates1707793
2012WR• Calvin Johnson22613492
2004WR• Muhsin Muhammad23814791
2014TERob Gronkowski1849688
2003TETony Gonzalez1526488
2008WR• Larry Fitzgerald21512887
2008TETony Gonzalez1668383
2010WR• Brandon Lloyd20912683
2009WR• Andre Johnson21313479
2007TEJason Witten1577978
2006WR• Marvin Harrison20913178
2009TEVernon Davis1759976
2010QBPeyton Manning36929673
2006TEAntonio Gates1468165
2010TEJason Witten1569462
2003QBDaunte Culpepper34228359
2002TETodd Heap1226359
2001TETony Gonzalez1307357
2012TEJimmy Graham1529656
2005QBCarson Palmer33227656