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Andy Richardson

Week 8 Blackout Picks

Loading up on first-rounders Bell, Julio and AB

OK, two weeks in a row I've finished in the top 40 in this Fantasy Index Blackout competition. I shouldn't boast, but in fairness I'd been getting picked on by co-workers and their family members, and my feelings were a little tender. So at least that should quiet the finger-pointing until I inevitably slide quietly out of contention. On to Week 8.

You can enter under Your Stuff at the top right of the screen. It's similar to our old SuperLeague competition, except you're prevented from using sure-fire, slam-dunk superstars, like everyone playing the thrilling Dolphins-Ravens game tomorrow night.

Quarterback: Six teams are on bye, and Brady-Prescott-Wentz (that didn't take long for our favorite dynasty QB in last year's rookie story, Wentz) are blacked out. But I can use Russell Wilson (he is Seattle's entire offense) at home against a Houston defense that might not be quite as good as its numbers suggest, and Kirk Cousins against a Dallas defense whose numbers suggest it is not good. Considered Andy Dalton, too.

Running back: Elliott and Hunt are blacked out. Available is LeVeon Bell, in primetime at Detroit, and he played his college ball in Michigan. Gotta use Bell. Second choice is Devonta Freeman against the Jets, though I'm mulling Joe Mixon against the Colts. Only problem is I have to rely on Marvin Lewis risking stepping on Jeremy Hill's pride or whatever by giving Mixon all the work, as he jolly well should.

Wide receiver: I will not say anything unkind in the direction of the Blackout staff, who I know are very busy, as we all are this time of year. But since the only blacked out players are Dez Bryant and Tyreek Hill, I'm going to run to the fantasy podium to start Julio Jones, Antonio Brown and A.J. Green and take my chances.

Tight end: Kelce, Gronk and Ertz are blacked out. Somebody's been through what's left with the ugly stick. But I did find a couple of nice choices: Kyle Rudolph against Cleveland, and Jimmy Graham against Houston.

Kicker: Gostkowski and Jake Elliott are blacked out. Going with Stephen Hauschka against Oakland and Randy Bullock against the Colts. Colts, as you'll learn if you read the Weekly closely, have managed to allow the most field goals this season, and the most extra points this season. Tough to do. On the flip side, he's Randy Bullock.

Defense: I can't use the Bengals, Vikings or Eagles. But I can use the Saints (Mitchell Trubisky has been sacked 8 times while attempting only 23 passes the last two weeks, which has to be some kind of record) and the Steelers, with poor Matthew Stafford taking a vicious beating behind Detroit's banged-up line.

Good luck to the rest of you.

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