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Who is a good trade target?

Hogan, Shepard and Ravens among the stretch-drive candidates

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: With trading deadlines approaching in many fantasy leagues, who is a good trade target?


I’ll give one main one idea but hit on three. Chris Hogan would be my main target given his high upside, and perhaps someone may need a receiver to play this week and would be willing to move him. Memories can fade fast or be short-sighted but Hogan was WR3 from Weeks 2-5 so we know he has high-end upside, but he may not be viewed that way. Even taking all eight weeks from Weeks 1-8 into consideration (before he hurt his shoulder) Hogan was WR10. On the higher-end of the scale, I would pay fair price to get Kareem Hunt. Kansas City is an elite team fighting for the No. 1 overall AFC playoff seed and in the winter months his usage should pick back up. Hunt was RB1 over the first five weeks but has been RB13 over the past month -- he is much closer to RB1 than RB13 and you may be able to acquire him (which would have been near-impossible when Hunt mania kicked off in the early weeks of the season). One dynasty idea, if the team that has Greg Zuerlein is out of the playoff picture perhaps pony up a 3rd round pick for Zuerlein who is set to destroy the NFL record books (and kickers are typically not dynasty keepers). Zuerlein is on pace for 198 points (the NFL record is 167 in a season) and he is about 30 percent better than even the 2nd-ranked kicker on the season.

Satterlee is the Fantasy Football Insider for the Charlotte Observer and is syndicated in a few other newspapers in the southeast. Satterlee first started playing fantasy football in 1990.


The price won't be a giveaway after a strong Week 10, but I'd go the extra mile to land Sterling Shepard. No matter what you think of Eli Manning (probably not much) and Ben McAdoo (surely not much), the Giants have two strong pass-catchers they can hang their hats on - Evan Engram (I'd try for him too) and Shepard. A narrow usage tree can be especially fruitful in fantasy. The Giants also have some friendly pass defenses on the remaining schedule. And don't forget Shepard has already proven his value to us, catching eight touchdowns a year ago. The Giants might be a sinking ship, but Shepard and Engram should be on life rafts.

Pianowski has been playing fantasy football for 20 years and writing about it for 17. He joined Yahoo! Sports in 2008 and has been blogging 24/7 on ever since.


Brett Hundley broke out of his shell a bit this past Sunday, throwing his first TD pass since taking over from Aaron Rodgers. With an on again/off again running game, Hundley is going to have to shoulder more of the load with both his big arm and with his strong legs. He seems to be gaining confidence each week, plus the Big 3 of Nelson, Adams, and Cobb are as healthy as they've been all year. Going forward, Brett Hundley may be a nice backup, spot starter, or a QB2 for leagues that play 2.

With two perfect seasons and multiple league championships to his credit, Sachs runs Perfect Season Fantasy Football, featuring LIVE Talk & Text Advice. He won the 2011 and 2016 Experts Auction League and also the 2012 Fantasy Index Experts Poll.


I think things are going to pick up for the Baltimore Ravens. I think they might win six of their final seven games, with their offense improving from being unwatchably bad to maybe close to average. I think their passing numbers will pick up. So if I could pick up Jeremy Maclin cheap in a trade, that is something that I would look at. I think he’ll probably be a top-25 receiver the rest of the way — maybe even better.

Allan is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame. A co-founder of Fantasy Football Index in 1987, he generates most of the writing, player rankings and analysis for that publication. His work can be seen in Fantasy Football Index magazine and also at


I would want to acquire either LeVeon bell or Antonio Brown. They are obvious star players but have slogged through a very tough schedule so far that featured six road games and only three home venues. And of those three tilts in Pittsburgh, two were versus the Vikings and Jaguars with their top defenses. The final part of the schedule is very kind with all home games other than trips to face the weak Bengals and Texans. Sure they have been good but they should end up great.

Dorey is the co-founder and lead NFL analyst for The Huddle and author of Fantasy Football: The Next Level. He has projected and predicted every NFL game and player performance since 1997 and has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, radio and television.


Strange to say, but Ty Montgomery. Aaron Jones is out of the picture, and from what I've seen of Jamaal Williams, I don't think he can play. Montgomery has the rib issue and maybe sits this week, but after a lesser game from Williams against Baltimore, I think Montgomery will return to be the more valuable half of a committee, catching passes and (if healthy) playing more. He can probably be had cheaply, and he's the Green Bay back I'd be interested in for down the stretch.

Richardson has been a contributing writer and editor to the Fantasy Football Index magazine and since 2002. His responsibilities include team defense and IDP projections and various site features, and he has run the magazine's annual experts draft and auction leagues since their inception. He previews all the NFL games on Saturdays and writes a wrap-up column on Mondays during the NFL season.

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