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Which player are you most thankful for?

Bell, Brown and Butker among best

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which player are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?


Never thought I would say this but Case Keenum. I am a huge Vikings fan. Suffered through numerous Super Bowl losses and thought their season was over. Keenum has put us in a 6-game winning streak and in position to have a 3-game lead after we beat Detroit on Thanksgiving! Go Vikes!

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I’d have to go with Alvin Kamara. It doesn’t always work out this way, but he was a key target in my leagues and he’s paid off handsomely and saved my season a bit (plugging in for a suspended Ezekiel Elliott in one league, and for injured Dalvin Cook in another). Kamara is the No. 1 player in fantasy over the past three weeks and against running backs he’s been 29.6 percent better than even RB2 over that timeframe (who is teammate Mark Ingram). I give an honorable mention to Antonio Brown. In a year filled with 1st-round potholes, Brown at 1.03 has been money off a three-touchdown game and becoming the first skill-position player this year to crack 1,000 yards on the season. A quick thought on the opposite end -- Dallas and fantasy GMs alike likely would have been much better off if Ezekiel Elliott had just served his suspension out of the gate and gotten it over with.

Satterlee is the Fantasy Football Insider for the Charlotte Observer and is syndicated in a few other newspapers in the southeast. Satterlee first started playing fantasy football in 1990.


Harrison Butker. I’m in a TD-only league where kickers are really important. In that kind of format, it’s a big advantage to have the kickers who finish with 140-plus points. I wanted to buy Stephen Gostkowski, but bidding on him went through the roof. But after getting locked out of the good kickers at the auction, I stumbled onto Butker on the waiver wire, and he’s been everything I could have ever hoped for. He’s helped pull out a couple of tight games for me.

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Although not truly fantasy related, I am thankful for Joe Thomas, stellar left tackle and human being from my beloved (and beleaguered) Cleveland Browns. He went fishing with his dad on Draft Day instead of joining in the hoopla in New York. Joe has toiled for most of his 10,000+ snaps for a once proud cornerstone franchise that has sunk so low that they have now become an NFL laughing stock. Continuing his top-shelf Hall of Fame career is in jeopardy. So how is he spending his Thanksgiving as he rehabs from injury? Yesterday he was serving free turkey dinners at an annual Cleveland charity event feeding the region's hungry. Thankful to have a truly class act representing my hometown team.

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I am most thankful for Antonio Brown, who for the last five years has been the easiest wideout to project and the best wideout to own. He’s so much better than the rest that he’s as matchup independent as any NFL player. He makes my job and my fantasy teams better!

Dorey is the co-founder and lead NFL analyst for The Huddle and author of Fantasy Football: The Next Level. He has projected and predicted every NFL game and player performance since 1997 and has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, radio and television.


LeVeon Bell. Because he always produces and never gets injured.

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There are a lot of players worth naming. An obvious one is Todd Gurley, who's really carried my most important team for much of the season. Another is Evan Engram, a late-round flier who helped me all season long. And the awesome Zach Ertz, even though he and Engram conspired to cost me a little money with their Week 11 flops. But I'm instead going to name Marvin Jones, a guy Fantasy Index was higher on than almost everyone else, and he rewarded us with a lot of good weeks along the way. Since he's a guy a lot of other teams (in big national leagues) didn't have, his big games were extra rewarding.

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