It's been a rough year for the Jaguars, and certainly a lot has to do with their offense -- struggling quarterback, injury-prone (and apparently hot-tempered) running back. But their defense has also been a huge disappointment, and it might be even worse this weekend.

Top cover corner Jalen Ramsey has a knee injury, and his availability for Sunday's game against the Colts is in question. His absence would certainly upgrade the matchup for Andrew Luck and company. And it's a matchup which might not be horrible anyway.

The Jaguars have faced six top-level quarterbacks this year. Four of those guys passed for at least 285 yards against this defense, and four threw multiple touchdowns. One of the exceptions to both totals, Deshaun Watson, was dealing with a chest injury bad enough that the team had him take a 10-hour bus ride to Jacksonville rather than risk flying. And now Ramsey might be out.

Brady, N.E.2342
Mahomes, K.C.3130
Watson, Hou.1390
Wentz, Phil.2863
Luck, Ind.2853
Roethlisberger, Pitt.3142

Brady didn't actually have a good game, and Roethlisberger struggled for a lot of his. Mahomes, shockingly, didn't throw any touchdowns.

But in general, those quarterbacks -- including Luck -- finished with either good or great numbers. If Ramsey is out, things will be even more palatable for Luck.

--Andy Richardson