Watching Drew Brees knock me out of a playoff semifinal (at least I didn't make a bad choice; my alternative was Cam Newton), I was reminded that we often see that Brees is a lot better at home than on the road. Not just Brees; the entire Saints offense tends to be better at home.

But what about Alvin Kamara? He scored last night, and I remembered his huge performance at MetLife against the Giants earlier in the season. I wondered if Kamara was similarly afflicted as the rest of the Saints offense.

The Saints have played six home games, and Kamara has scored 7 of his TDs there. They've played eight road games, and he's scored 9 total TDs in those contests. Not much difference.

But when it comes to yardage, both rushing and receiving, and receptions, he's been a little bit better on the road this season.

TB 299112141
CLE 4665399
WAS 2431539
LA 82434116
PHI 71137108
ATL 891998
ATL 6615124190
NYG 134547181
BAL 6421175
MIN 4573176
CIN 56446102
DAL 3683672
TB 5153687
CAR 67736103

New Orleans, of course, might not play on the road again all season. But if they do have to -- they could certainly lose to Pittsburgh this week -- maybe you worry a little about Brees and the passing game. But no need to worry about Kamara.

--Andy Richardson