I find Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson to be compelling quarterbacks. With both players, they look very likely to finish with difference-making rushing production. But they both also look pretty certain to finish with among the worst passing numbers.

Rushing production with quarterbacks is huge. It typically counts for about twice as much in most formats, which serves as a handicap against guys like Philip Rivers and Eli Manning, while helping quarterbacks like Tyrod Taylor and even Tim Tebow a few years back.

Consider the following quarterbacks. They’re the most productive running quarterbacks of this century who also finished with bottom-10 passing stats. I’m using per-game figures, and I’m using standard scoring. (For rushing production, that’s 6 points for a rushing touchdown and 1 for every 10 yards.)

For this study, I’m looking only at quarterbacks who started at least half the year. Lamar Jackson fell a game short of that threshold, but I wanted him in there, so in his case, I added in his postseason start.

So here you’re seeing 18 really good runners who were also bottom-10 passers. Eight of the 18 finished with top-10 overall fantasy numbers. The remaining guys (just over half) all finished between 12th and 18th. Again, per-game numbers. All of these quarterbacks averaged at least 5 fantasy points per game as runners.

2012Robert Griffin III, Wash.152131.3354.4724.25
2014Russell Wilson, Sea.162171.2553.3823.46
2018Josh Allen, Buff.11182.9155.7322.813
2015Tyrod Taylor, Buff.142171.4341.2922.514
2013Cam Newton, Car.162111.5037.3822.57
2002Michael Vick, Atl.151961.0752.5322.45
2018Lamar Jackson, Balt.8165.8876.5022.416
2016Colin Kaepernick, S.F.112041.4543.1821.513
2016Tyrod Taylor, Buff.152021.1339.4021.118
2013Terrelle Pryor, Oak.9196.7861.2220.417
2011Tim Tebow, Den.111501.0057.4520.312
2006Michael Vick, Atl.161551.2565.1320.06
2000Kordell Stewart, Pitt.111611.0037.5519.09
2006Vince Young, Tenn.13159.8541.5418.89
2004Michael Vick, Atl.15154.9360.2018.716
2005Michael Vick, Atl.151611.0040.4018.67
2001Kordell Stewart, Pitt.16194.8834.3118.412
2000Cade McNown, Chi.9176.7836.3317.514

If you’re of the school of thought that Allen and Jackson will blossom somewhat as passers this year, you’ll want to be sure to draft them. Here are the other 15 quarterbacks from this century that averaged at least 5 rushing points per game. With this group, they all also were top-20 passers. All of these quarterbacks ranked in the top-9 in per-game scoring.

2010Michael Vick, Phil.112581.8252.8230.51
2015Cam Newton, Car.162402.1940.6328.51
2011Cam Newton, Car.162531.3144.8827.84
2002Donovan McNabb, Phil.102291.7046.6026.81
2000Daunte Culpepper, Minn.162462.0629.4426.41
2018Deshaun Watson, Hou.162601.6334.3124.86
2012Cam Newton, Car.162421.1946.5024.54
2018Cam Newton, Car.142431.7135.2924.57
2002Daunte Culpepper, Minn.162411.1338.6324.22
2001Daunte Culpepper, Minn.112371.2738.4524.02
2011Michael Vick, Phil.132541.3845.0823.26
2017Cam Newton, Car.162061.3847.3822.94
2014Cam Newton, Car.142231.2939.3622.49
2000Donovan McNabb, Phil.162101.3139.3822.18
2003Jeff Garcia, S.F.132081.3825.5421.82

I am still working through players, but I expect both Allen and Jackson will wind up in the teens on my board – guys I would like to select as my second quarterback in a typical fantasy league.

—Ian Allan