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Tagged: Lamar Jackson (56 Results)

Fantasy News: Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is an interesting prospect. He’ll run for plenty of yards and touchdowns, but he looks woefully lame as a passer. Can that combo result in viable fantasy value? As we’re putting together the magazine, I got to see how some others view this outlier quarterback.  more »


Around the NFL: Running Ravens?

The Ravens are going to run the heck out of the ball this year. Unless they’re not. They’ve been working in a lot of new plays at their OTAs.   more »


Factoid: Hollywood Brown

What do we make of Hollywood Brown? Neat little receiver. Looks like he could be another DeSean Jackson. But the Ravens are starting Lamar Jackson, and that has me worried about their ability to get him the ball.  more »



Ravens draft “sleeper” QB McSorley

The Baltimore Ravens are set at quarterback with LAMAR JACKSON, but the team drafted Penn State standout TRACE MCSORLEY in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft anyway. The RavensMore view McSorley as a “sleeper pick”, with GM Eric DeAcosta saying that his quarterback has the ability to “do some other things”. The Ravens reportedly plan to use McSorley like New Orleans uses TAYSOM HILL, lining up at quarterback, running back, receiver, and tight end. Less

Source: Centre Daily Times

Factoid: Running quarterbacks

I find Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson to be compelling quarterbacks. With both players, they look very likely to finish with difference-making rushing production. But they both also look pretty certain to finish with among the worst passing numbers.   more »


Factoid: Ravens tight ends

Before starting my deep dive on the Ravens, my expectation was that it was probably best to stay away from this team’s passing game entirely. John Brown, I knew from when I was working on the Bills, caught only 10 of 33 passes for 128 yards in the eight games Lamar Jackson started. But things didn’t play out quite like I expected.  more »


Factoid: Sophomore quarterbacks

In the last two years, some of the best picks at quarterback have been guys in their second seasons. Patrick Mahomes, Mitchell Trubisky, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz all outperformed expectations. Can Sam Darnold be one of those guys?   more »


Around the NFL: Ingram to Baltimore

Mark Ingram agrees to a three-year deal with the Ravens, and they’ve got a new starting tailback. Or do they?  more »


Fantasy News: Gus Edwards

I liked the way Gus Edwards played last year. He’s a big, decisive, downhill runner, and he proved to be an effective complement to Lamar Jackson late last year.   more »


Ravens to build offense around Jackson

New Baltimore Ravens GM Eric DeCosta is expected to build the team’s offense around dynamic quarterback LAMAR JACKSON. DeCosta is looking forward to assembling Jackson’s supporting cast during the upcoming offseason.More The Ravens are expected to one of the few run-first offenses in the NFL, with Jackson likely leading the way. Less


Fantasy News: Ravens running backs

I’m not sure what to make of Baltimore’s running backs. They’ve got a lot of capable contributors, but nobody who looks likely to be used in a featured role.   more »


Mornhinweg out in Baltimore

The Baltimore Ravens have promoted Greg Roman to offensive coordinator, ending Marty Mornhinweg’s tenure with the team. Roman, 46, was widely credited with helping to rejuvenate the Ravens’ running game last year and this season after LAMAR JACKSON took over as the starting quarterback.

Source: Baltimore Sun


Ravens rushing game grounded by Chargers

The Baltimore Ravens finished the regular season ranked second in the NFL in rushing but could manage only 90 yards in Sunday’s playoff loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. After surrenderingMore 159 yards in their previous game against Baltimore, the Chargers were determined to stop the run. Frequently moving 8 players into the box, the Chargers forced rookie quarterback LAMAR JACKSON to beat them with his arm – something he was not able to do. Less

Source: Baltimore Sun


Backup role “no fun” for Flacco

Baltimore quarterback JOE FLACCO will back up LAMAR JACKSON in Sunday’s playoff game against the Los Angeles Chargers, just six years after he led the Ravens to a Super Bowl championship.More Flacco said on Friday that “it’s not the most fun” but “it is what it is”. Flacco is not expected to return to Baltimore next season. Less


Podcast: January 3 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff preview the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. Sponsored by Fantasy Index Weekly.  more »

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