I have mixed feelings on Russell Wilson. He's one of the game's best quarterbacks (and better fantasy quarterbacks). But he's on a team that's running a conservative, run-based offense right now, and he himself isn't running as much as he was in the past.

Last year, Wilson rushed for 376 yards and no touchdowns. That's good production for a lot of quarterbacks, but well below what he'd done in most previous seasons. In three of four prior to that, he rushed for at least 550 yards. So a significant step back.

On the other hand, it's just one year. The guy who ran for over 800 yards back in 2014 is still in there, right? Over the last five seasons, in fact, only Cam Newton has rushed for more yards than Wilson.

Cam Newton539636359754488277630
Russell Wilson849553259586376262312
Blake Bortles41931035932236517759
Tyrod Taylor-3568580427125169715
Alex Smith254498134355168140910
Aaron Rodgers26934436912626913779
Colin Kaepernick639256468--13634
Marcus Mariota-252349312357127011
Andrew Luck273196341-1489585
Dak Prescott--28235730594418
Deshaun Watson---2695518207
Ryan Fitzpatrick184270130781528146
Jameis Winston-2101651352817919
Ryan Tannehill311141164-1457613
Lamar Jackson----6956955
Andy Dalton169142184999969312
Mitchell Trubisky---2484216695
Josh Allen----6316318
Matthew Stafford9315920798716285
Matt Ryan145631171431255933
Carson Wentz--150299935422
Kirk Cousins20489617912346614
DeShone Kizer---419394585
Jay Cutler1912012432-4483
Blaine Gabbert51851738204453
Derek Carr921387066474131
Teddy Bridgewater209192--354034
Josh McCown1279821124324029

Four of the other quarterbacks who show up high in that area were drafted in the first two rounds the last two seasons: Trubisky, Watson, Allen and Jackson. This is today's NFL, and significant production to consider in fantasy drafts.

Last column shows touchdown runs by those quarterbacks, and nobody is really close to Newton (30); Dak Prescott has 18. But Josh Allen rushed for 8 last season, so maybe he'll make a run (so to speak) to the top over the next few seasons.

Wilson is older now (30), of course, and has taken plenty of hits over the years. Maybe his declining rushing production last year is just a sign of the times, and about what to expect from him going forward. That's contributed to him ranking outside our top 10 at the position.

I do like Wilson's floor, and I like the fact that he shows up every week. And I think there's an outside chance that maybe last year's declining rushing production is a bit of an anomaly -- that he surprises by again rushing for 400-500-plus yards and a few TDs this season. I can see myself drafting him, just maybe, if he falls too far in drafts.

--Andy Richardson