Jason Witten says he wants to play another season, and Jerry Jones says he’s hopeful that Dallas can re-sign him. But there’s not much tread left on those tires.

Witten has had a great career – he’ll likely wind up in the Hall of Fame – but he’ll be 38 in May, and he simply can’t run anymore. With no ability to get downfield, his role is limited to trying to find open spots for short receptions underneath.

Witten averaged only 8.4 yards per catch last year. Back in 2017 (he didn’t play in 2018) he averaged only 8.9. In the last 20 years, 154 tight ends have caught at least 60 passes in a season. Only six others have averaged fewer than 9 yards per catch.

Averaging even under 10 yards isn’t all that common. Witten has done it five times, but only 18 other tight ends have averaged under 10 yards per catch (that’s out of that group of 149 others with at least 60 catches).

2014Jermaine Gresham, Cin.624607.45
2005Jermaine Wiggins, Min.695688.21
2019Jason Witten, Dall.635298.44
2016Dennis Pitta, Balt.867298.52
2017Benjamin Watson, Balt.615228.64
2017Jack Doyle, Ind.806908.64
2017Jason Witten, Dall.635608.95
2015Heath Miller, Pitt.605358.92
2000Frank Wycheck, Ten.706369.14
2015Jason Witten, Dall.777139.33
2018Austin Hooper, Atl.716609.34
2011Brandon Pettigrew, Det.837779.45
2010Tony Gonzalez, Atl.706569.46
2010Jacob Tamme, Ind.676319.44
2006Jeremy Shockey, NYG666239.47
2012Jason Witten, Dall.1101,0399.53
2013Delanie Walker, Ten.605719.56
2005Randy McMichael, Mia.605829.75
2016Jason Witten, Dall.696739.83
2006Kellen Winslow, Cle.898759.83
2014Larry Donnell, NYG636239.96
2018Kyle Rudolph, Min.646349.94
2004Jermaine Wiggins, Min.717059.94

With Witten being right at the end, the Cowboys probably wouldn’t be bringing him back to play a featured role. They might be more interested in having him come in for a limited number of obvious passing situations, converting a few third downs with short receptions.

The Cowboys have a new coach, Mike McCarthy, and he isn't necessarily a big believer in Witten.

For fantasy purposes, I don’t see Witten having any chance of posting top-15 numbers this season.

—Ian Allan