Kyler Murray has had a great season, but I wonder if it’s sustainable? He’s really small, and his greatness has been strongly tied to his ability to scramble around with unique quickness. How long can that last?

Murray is tiny. They’ve got him listed at 5-foot-10 and 207 pounds, and he looks smaller. If teams can do a better job of taking away his productive runs, will he be able to effectively work out of the pocket? In recent weeks, he hasn’t been effective against the Seahawks, Patriots and Rams. Some of that decline might be tied to a shoulder injury, but it could also be that defenses are getting smarter about how to play against him.

So as we look at the next few years – 2021, 2022, 2023 – I wonder if a fantasy franchise might be better hitching the wagon to Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow. Those guys don’t have the elite, difference-making scrambling ability, but they’re safer choices (I think) operating out of the pocket.

Burrow, of course, is out for the season with a torn ACL, but I’m not giving that too much weight. These are dynasty rankings, so I’m looking more at what’s going to be happening in the next few years. I’m not working under the assumption that your team is going to have a playoff game next week.

Patrick Mahomes is the easy choice at the position. For my next two, I’m going with Deshaun Watson and Herbert; they’ll likely both have new coaches and new offenses next year. Russell Wilson has been pretty awesome at times this year, but he’s seven years older than those guys, which is factored into these kind of forever rankings.

In the second half of the top 10, Aaron Rodgers is a tough guy to figure. He’s been great this year, but he’s 37 – getting near the end of the road. I’ve got him surrounded by a bunch of guys who aren’t as good today but have a lot more football left, including Josh Allen (24), Lamar Jackson (23) and Dak Prescott (27).

I don’t think Drew Brees is playing next year, so I’ve got him well down on my board.

I hit dynasty rankings every Saturday, with the focus rotating between QB-RB-WR-TE. To see rankings from previous weeks, use the “Past Issues” navigation tools on the page. I’m assuming standard scoring, with a 12-team league and teams tending to carry about three quarterbacks each. Rookies are tagged with black dots.

The final column (“Previous”) shows where the player ranked when I last looked at this position (four weeks ago).

Next week: Running backs.

1.KCPatrick Mahomes251
2.HOUDeshaun Watson252
3.LAC• Justin Herbert225
4.SEARussell Wilson323
5.ARIKyler Murray 234
6.CIN• Joe Burrow246
7.BUFJosh Allen247
8.BALLamar Jackson238
9.GBAaron Rodgers379
10.DALDak Prescott2711
11.LARJared Goff2610
12.LVDerek Carr2914
13.DETMatthew Stafford3212
14.TENRyan Tannehill3218
15.NYGDaniel Jones 2316
16.CLEBaker Mayfield2517
17.MINKirk Cousins3219
18.MIA• Tua Tagovailoa2215
19.ATLMatt Ryan3520
20.PITBen Roethlisberger3822
21.TBTom Brady4323
22.NOTaysom Hill3027
23.PHICarson Wentz2713
24.CARTeddy Bridgewater2825
25.DENDrew Lock 2426
26.NYJSam Darnold2328
27.INDPhilip Rivers3933
28.NECam Newton3121
29.PHI• Jalen Hurts2242
30.JACGardner Minshew 2529
31.GB• Jordan Love2232
32.SFJimmy Garoppolo2931
33.NODrew Brees4124
34.DALAndy Dalton3335
35.NEJarrett Stidham 2444
36.MIARyan Fitzpatrick3838
37.WASKyle Allen2440
38.SFNick Mullens2543
39.WASAlex Smith3645
40.INDJacoby Brissett2837
41.CLECase Keenum3239
42.WASDwayne Haskins 2336
43.CHIMitchell Trubisky2646
44.LVMarcus Mariota2752
45.NOJameis Winston2641
46.JACMike Glennon31--
47.LACTyrod Taylor3147
48.DENBrett Rypien2449
49.BALTrace McSorley 25--
50.CHINick Foles3130

—Ian Allan