Looking at everyone's top 10 lists for next season in the last Ask the Experts column, I noticed that Travis Kelce appeared in all of them. It's a little surprising, but probably shouldn't be. Over the last few years he's dominated the position like nobody else -- not at tight end, and not at any other position.

Kelce has been the No. 1 fantasy tight end in PPR formats five years in a row. He's had 80-plus catches and over 1,000 yards in all of those years. There aren't a lot of sure things in the world, but Kelce has been pretty close.

The closest other player to dominating the position over the past 30 years, as it happens, also did his best work for Kansas City. In a span of six years from 1999-2004, Tony Gonzalez was fantasy's No. 1 tight end five times. Shannon Sharpe also did it four times in a six-year span. But nobody else has done it five straight years.

2020Travis Kelce, K.C.145105141611314.8
2019Travis Kelce, K.C.1369712296256.3
2018Travis Kelce, K.C.150103133610296.6
2017Travis Kelce, K.C.1228310388235.5
2016Travis Kelce, K.C.1178511254223.0
2015Rob Gronkowski, N.E.12072117611255.6
2014Rob Gronkowski, N.E.13182112412266.4
2013Jimmy Graham, N.O.14286121516303.5
2012Jimmy Graham, N.O.135859829237.2
2011Rob Gronkowski, N.E.12490132718330.9
2010Jason Witten, Dall.1289410029250.2
2009Dallas Clark, Ind.133100110610271.7
2008Tony Gonzalez, K.C.15596105810261.8
2007Jason Witten, Dall.1419611457252.5
2006Antonio Gates, S.D.120719249217.4
2005Antonio Gates, S.D.14089110110259.1
2004Tony Gonzalez, K.C.14810212587270.3
2003Tony Gonzalez, K.C.1067191610222.6
2002Todd Heap, Balt.122688366193.4
2001Tony Gonzalez, K.C.118739176205.6
2000Tony Gonzalez, K.C.1509312039267.3
1999Tony Gonzalez, K.C.1047684911226.9
1998Shannon Sharpe, Den.1076476810200.8
1997Shannon Sharpe, Den.1147211073202.7
1996Shannon Sharpe, Den.11780106210246.2
1995Ben Coates, N.E.137849156211.5
1994Ben Coates, N.E.1489611747255.4
1993Shannon Sharpe, Den.110819959234.5

Question with Kelce doesn't seem to be if he's the top tight end, but just how early to select him. Around 8th-10th, based on the preliminary rankings, looks right. But if you're in a TE-premium format, with the position getting 1.5 points per reception, he'll go even higher.