The Giants released Golden Tate last week, a move that was expected for multiple reasons. Tate ran afoul of the coaching staff last year for complaining on social media (and in-game) about his role, earning a team suspension at one point. He'd likely have been released even if there weren't still questions about what he can offer a team at this stage of his career.

Tate turns 33 before next season, and comes off one of his poorer seasons: 388 yards and 2 TDs in 12 games. He had some nice seasons in the past, most notably for Detroit and also Seattle before that, but it might be about it for him posting usable fantasy numbers.

Tate is one of a handful of recognizable wide receivers who will play next year at the age of 33. Most notable are Antonio Brown and A.J. Green; others include Dez Bryant and Andre Roberts. Brown is the only one coming off a noteworthy season, catching 45 passes (and ultimately winning a Super Bowl) in a half season with Tampa Bay. No one would be surprised if Brown is a top-40 wide receiver next season; Tate is less likely.

Over the last 20 years, there have been 66 other wide receiver seasons where a 33-year-old (plus) has finished the year as a top-40 fantasy wideout. Just 29 different players (Jerry Rice, Jimmy Smith, Steve Smith and Terrell Owens each account for 4-5 of those). But it hasn't happened much recently. There's been just seven in the last five years, and four of those were by Larry Fitzgerald. (Table sorted by most recent Top-40 wideouts.)

2019Julian Edelman3316153100111711.267
2019Larry Fitzgerald36161097580410.7435
2018Larry Fitzgerald35161126973410.6626
2018Jordy Nelson3315886373911.7338
2017Larry Fitzgerald3416161109115610.665
2016Larry Fitzgerald331615010710239.6611
2016Steve Smith Sr.37141017079911.4537
2015Anquan Boldin35141116978911.4440
2014Steve Smith Sr.351613479106513.5618
2014Anquan Boldin341613083106212.8519
2014Roddy White33141258092111.5721
2014Andre Johnson33151468593611.0328
2014Malcom Floyd3316925285616.5640
2013Anquan Boldin331612985117913.9715
2013Steve Smith Sr.34151106474511.6437
2012Reggie Wayne3416195106135512.858
2012Steve Smith Sr.331613773117416.1420
2011Reggie Wayne33161327596012.8425
2011Plaxico Burress3416964561213.6840
2010Terrell Owens37141397298313.7917
2010Derrick Mason36161006180213.2728
2010Hines Ward3416955975512.8538
2009Hines Ward331613795116712.3612
2009Derrick Mason351613473102814.1717
2009Donald Driver341611370106115.2619
2009Terrell Owens36161095582915.1527
2008Terrell Owens351614069105215.31011
2008Derrick Mason341612180103713.0520
2008Donald Driver331611674101213.7522
2008Muhsin Muhammad35161076592314.2528
2008Isaac Bruce36161086183513.7731
2008Marvin Harrison36151076063610.6536
2007Terrell Owens341514181135516.7153
2007Bobby Engram341613494114712.2612
2007Derrick Mason3316164103108710.6514
2007Joey Galloway36159857101417.8626
2006Marvin Harrison341614895136614.4121
2006Terrell Owens331615085118013.9132
2006Joey Galloway351614362105717.1721
2006Isaac Bruce341612674109814.8323
2006Keyshawn Johnson34161287081511.6428
2006Muhsin Muhammad33161176086314.4530
2006Eddie Kennison33161015386016.2532
2005Joey Galloway341615283128715.5107
2005Marvin Harrison331513482114614.0129
2005Rod Smith351612685110513.0613
2005Keenan McCardell35161087091713.1917
2005Jimmy Smith361612870102314.6621
2005Keyshawn Johnson33161237183911.8626
2004Rod Smith341613679114414.5715
2004Jimmy Smith351613774117215.8619
2004Johnnie Morton3313795579514.5339
2003Keenan McCardell331613984117414.088
2003Rod Smith33151147484511.4320
2003Jerry Rice41161246386913.8230
2003Jimmy Smith34121125480514.9433
2002Jerry Rice401615092121113.2710
2002Jimmy Smith331613780102712.8717
2002Tim Brown36161278193011.5228
2002Ed McCaffrey34161036990313.1237
2001Tim Brown351614091116512.897
2001Jerry Rice391612583113913.7912
2001Cris Carter36161307387111.9629
2000Cris Carter351616196127413.399
2000Tim Brown341613376112814.81114
2000Jerry Rice38161227580510.7723

Maybe Tate joins that group in 2021, depending where he signs. But safe to rank him the 3rd-most likely behind Brown and Green. More likely he signs to be a third receiver somewhere, and doesn't put up significant numbers.

--Andy Richardson