I like it when a quarterback is used regularly on sneaks at the goal line. It’s a way to pick up some cheap production. And it’s another reason, I think, that Carson Wentz looks pretty appealing in drafts this year.

Wentz is effective on those plays. He ran for 5 TDs last year. And Frank Reich (now his coach) has a track record of using quarterbacks in that capacity. Even last year, with the most immobile quarterback in the league (Philip Rivers) the Colts scored 5 TDs on quarterback runs. They subbed in Jacoby Brissett for 3 such scores, and they lined up Trey Burton at quarterback for another 2.

I’m sure Wentz will pick up some of those scores, helping his statistical cause.

For the weird stat of the day, considering the short-yardage rushing stats for the last two years. Listed here are success rates for “and one” running plays. That is, it’s either third-and-one or fourth-and-one, or the team is on the 1-yard line – any situation where it’s needing to punch out a critical yards.

The chart shows the 40 players who’ve had 15 such carries in the last two years. The two most effective players, oddly, have been Brissett and Wentz – a quarterback that Reich’s had, and the new one coming in.

Jacoby Brissett (QB)2020100.0%
Carson Wentz (QB)242885.7%
Josh Allen (QB)263183.9%
Carlos Hyde131681.3%
Taysom Hill (QB)172181.0%
Alvin Kamara151978.9%
Gus Edwards263378.8%
Derrick Henry334278.6%
Kenyan Drake283677.8%
Cam Newton (QB)172277.3%
Jamaal Williams172277.3%
Todd Gurley233076.7%
Kyler Murray (QB)131776.5%
Malcolm Brown131776.5%
Ezekiel Elliott344575.6%
Chris Carson304075.0%
Peyton Barber212875.0%
Kalen Ballage172373.9%
Leonard Fournette212972.4%
Jonathan Taylor131872.2%
Ronald Jones142070.0%
Dalvin Cook273969.2%
Sony Michel131968.4%
David Johnson162466.7%
James Conner142166.7%
Mike Davis101566.7%
Myles Gaskin101566.7%
Melvin Gordon162564.0%
Adrian Peterson132161.9%
Joe Mixon183060.0%
LeVeon Bell122060.0%
Joshua Kelley91560.0%
Miles Sanders91560.0%
David Montgomery183158.1%
Nick Chubb152657.7%
Benny Snell193357.6%
Christian McCaffrey101855.6%
Josh Jacobs193554.3%
Aaron Jones102245.5%
Frank Gore92437.5%

—Ian Allan