I have some interest in Washington’s wide receivers. Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel have some ability, and I think Ryan Fitzpatrick could be the quarterback to help them reach their full potential.

Fitzpatrick has had his moments in the past, putting up big numbers at times in recent years with the Jets, Bucs and Dolphins. He’s more willing than most quarterbacks to aggressively attempt the downfield throws. That kind of playing style can help make a good wide receiver shine.

Consider DeVante Parker. He was pretty disappointing in his early years with Miami, but Fitzpatrick got him operating at a high level. That was a good combo.

In Parker’s last 16 full games with Fitzpatrick in Miami, he caught 90 passes for 1,381 yards and 9 TDs. Nothing wrong with that production at all. Specifically I remember a game late in 2019, when Stephon Gilmore was about the league’s best cornerback; Parker torched him for 8 catches and 137 yards. A younger or lesser quarterback probably would have been leery of throwing in Gilmore’s direction.

2019at Buff.L 21-31105551
2019at Pitt.L 14-2786590
2019NYJW 26-1864571
2019at Ind.W 16-12105690
2019Buff.L 20-371071350
2019at Clev.L 24-41116910
2019Phil.W 37-311071592
2019at NYGL 20-3674722
2019Cin.W 38-351551111
2019at N.E.W 27-241181370
2020Buff.L 28-3185531
2020at Jac.W 31-1355690
2020Sea.L 23-3112101100
2020at S.F.W 43-1732501
2020NYJW 24-083350
2020at NYJW 20-31481190

If you look at Parker in his last 16 full games with other guys at quarterback, he starts to look more like the wide receiver that many were lining up as a first-round bust. In his last 16 non-Fitzpatrick games, Parker has caught only 54 passes for 720 yards, with 4 TDs.

That is, Parker scored over twice as many touchdowns with Fitzpatrick at quarterback, and with almost twice as many catches and yards. He also averaged 2 more yards per catch with the veteran quarterback.

2018at Hou.L 23-42961340
2018NYJW 13-62180
2018at G.B.L 12-31115430
2018Buff.W 21-1774431
2018N.E.W 34-3341180
2018Jac.L 7-1732130
2018at Buff.L 17-423000
2019N.E.L 0-437000
2019at Dall.L 6-3163560
2019LACL 10-3044701
2019Was.L 16-1743281
2020at Ariz.W 34-3176640
2020LACW 29-2172310
2020at Den.L 13-2096611
2020Cin.W 19-784350
2020at Buff.L 26-561471160

I can’t guarantee the results will be as extreme as they were with Parker, but Fitzpatrick enhances my interest in those two former Ohio State receivers, McLaurin (pictured) and Samuel.

—Ian Allan