Just days after the popular story out there was that he was going to retire this week, Aaron Rodgers arrived at camp today. He’s apparently back in the fold, with a weird agreement that seems to involve the quarterback possibly being able to choose his team in 2022 and have one of his buddies with him in 2021. If so, we can focus on his fantasy potential this year, which is considerable.

In the middle of last decade Rodgers had a couple of years where he was hurt half the season, and another lousy year that resulted in Mike McCarthy being fired with a month left. Other than that, he's been pretty much fantasy gold.

Since moving into the starting lineup in 2008, Rodgers has more often than not been one of the league's best quarterbacks, both fantasy and otherwise. The table below shows the top 40 fantasy seasons by a quarterback (4-point TD passes, 1 point for every 20 passing or 10 rushing yards) since Rodgers moved into the starting lineup. Rodgers cracks that list six times, including last year. I cropped it at 40 to make it more manageable, but Rodgers also shows up four other times in the top 80, so 10 times in 13 seasons as a starter. Pretty consistently excellent.

2013Peyton Manning450659547755-311498.8
2018Patrick Mahomes3835805097502722496.1
2011Drew Brees468657547646861478.4
2020Josh Allen3965724544374218473.5
2019Lamar Jackson26540131273612067463.0
2011Aaron Rodgers3435024643452573455.9
2015Cam Newton29649538373563610455.5
2020Kyler Murray37555839712681911450.5
2011Cam Newton31051740512170614448.9
2011Tom Brady4016115235391093446.7
2016Aaron Rodgers4016104428403694446.3
2014Andrew Luck3806164761402733443.4
2020Aaron Rodgers3725264299481493440.3
2020Patrick Mahomes3905884740383082437.8
2020Deshaun Watson3825444823334443437.6
2012Drew Brees42267051774351437.4
2013Drew Brees446650516239523437.3
2020Russell Wilson3845584212405132435.9
2018Ben Roethlisberger452675512934983429.2
2018Matt Ryan4226084924351253428.2
2011Matthew Stafford421663503841780427.7
2019Jameis Winston3806265109332501426.5
2016Drew Brees471673520837202422.4
2017Russell Wilson3395533983345863415.8
2016Matt Ryan3735344944381170414.9
2019Dak Prescott3885964902302773412.8
2014Aaron Rodgers3415204381382692412.0
2012Aaron Rodgers3715524295392592411.6
2015Tom Brady402624477036533410.4
2020Tom Brady40161046334063410.3
2009Aaron Rodgers3505414434303165409.3
2015Blake Bortles3556064428353102406.4
2018Andrew Luck4306394593391480405.9
2012Tom Brady401637482734324404.6
2020Ryan Tannehill3154813819332667398.6
2015Russell Wilson3294834024345531398.5
2020Justin Herbert3965954336312345398.2
2018Deshaun Watson3455054165265515397.4
2018Jared Goff3645614688321082397.2
2014Peyton Manning395597472739-240394.0

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but by all accounts Rodgers has no problem with Matt LaFleur and the coaching staff -- his problem is with the front office. So although we'll see Jordan Love in any preseason games, Rodgers should be committed and playing at a high level again this year, hoping to end his Green Bay career with his 2nd Super Bowl. Will probably make some fantasy teams pretty happy along the way, as well.

--Andy Richardson