The Broncos named Teddy Bridgewater their starter over Drew Lock last week. As Ian pointed out, Bridgewater has been way more accurate than Lock, so in that sense it's a plus for the team and the passing game. When it comes to finishing drives with touchdown passes, though, it's disappointing for Denver receivers.

This is not a recent development. Bridgewater has appeared in 59 career games, with 49 starts, and thrown all of 53 touchdown passes. Twice in his career, including last year, he's started almost the entire season (14-plus games) and averaged just 1 or fewer touchdown passes. That's happened 53 times this century (2-3 times per year), and Bridgewater has two of those seasons.

2020Teddy Bridgewater, Car.15340492373315111.0
2017Tyrod Taylor, Buff.1426342027991441.0
2016Carson Wentz, Phil.16379607378216141.0
2016Alex Smith, K.C.1532848935021581.0
2011Tarvaris Jackson, Sea.14271450309114131.0
2008Matt Ryan, Atl.16265434344016111.0
2006Alex Smith, S.F.16257442289016161.0
2006Steve McNair, Balt.16295468305016121.0
2005Michael Vick, Atl.15214387241215131.0
2004David Carr, Hou.16285466353116141.0
2003Donovan McNabb, Phil.16275478321616111.0
2000Steve McNair, Ten.15248396284715131.0
2009David Garrard, Jac.16314516359715100.9
2008David Garrard, Jac.16335535362015130.9
2008Jake Delhomme, Car.16246414328815120.9
2001Doug Flutie, S.D.16294521346415180.9
2001Vinny Testaverde, NYJ16260441275215140.9
2012Brandon Weeden, Cle.15297517338514170.9
2004Michael Vick, Atl.15181321231314120.9
2000Jay Fiedler, Mia.15204357240214140.9
2000Jake Plummer, Ariz.14270475294613210.9
2015Teddy Bridgewater, Min.1629244732311490.9
2008Joe Flacco, Balt.16257428297114120.9
2005David Carr, Hou.16256423248814110.9
2001Kordell Stewart, Pitt.16266442310914110.9
2017Marcus Mariota, Ten.15281453323213150.9
2017Jacoby Brissett, Ind.1527646930981370.9
2012Mark Sanchez, NYJ15246453288313180.9
2008JaMarcus Russell, Oak.1519836824231380.9
2000Charlie Batch, Det.15221412248913150.9
2011Blaine Gabbert, Jac.14210413221412110.9
2010Matt Hasselbeck, Sea.14266444300112170.9
2008Jason Campbell, Was.1631550632451360.8
2004Kyle Boller, Balt.16258464255913110.8
2001Brad Johnson, T.B.16340559340613110.8
2009Mark Sanchez, NYJ15196364244412200.8
2008Kerry Collins, Ten.1524241526761270.8
2001Jon Kitna, Cin.15313581321612220.8
2020Daniel Jones, NYG14280448294311100.8
2008Trent Edwards, Buff.14245374269911100.8
2013Geno Smith, NYJ16247443304612210.8
2012Ryan Tannehill, Mia.16282484329412130.8
2017DeShone Kizer, Cle.15255476289411220.7
2008Marc Bulger, St.L.15251440272011130.7
2001Chris Weinke, Car.15293540293111190.7
2001Tony Banks, Was.14198370238610100.7
2006David Carr, Hou.16302442276711120.7
2003Drew Bledsoe, Buff.16274471286011120.7
2006Brad Johnson, Min.1427043927509150.6
2007Vince Young, Ten.1523838225469170.6
2005Kyle Orton, Chi.1519036818699130.6
2002David Carr, Hou.1623344425929150.6
2020Cam Newton, N.E.1524236826578100.5

Three quarterbacks did it in 2020 (those players are in bold). The Giants will give Daniel Jones another year in the lineup, but Newton isn't certain to start for the Patriots this season (not for long even if he opens as the No. 1).

Denver's opening schedule looks favorable, with the Giants, Jaguars and Jets the first three games. The Broncos defense is such that they might be able to win those without Bridgewater doing much. But I think there will come some games where they need a little more upside (while accepting more risk) out of their quarterback, at which point Lock will get another shot.

--Andy Richardson