There will be an unusual matchup in Indianapolis this week. Matthew Stafford torched the Bears, and he’ll be facing a defense in Week 2 that was similarly ripped up by Russell Wilson.

I have sifted through the numbers (using the sorting tools at As best as I can tell, this is only the second game of the Super Bowl era matching a quarterback who finished with a passer rating over 150 against a defense that in its previous game allowed a passer rating over 150.

Using the NFL’s complex passer rating system (which averages completion percentage, touchdown percentage, yards per pass and interception percentage), the highest possible rating is a 158.3. In the Super Bowl era, only 123 quarterbacks have finished games with a rating over 150 while attempting at least 20 passes. There have been 48 of these games in the last 10 years, and they appear below.

Only once previously have we had the dynamic of a quarterback and a victimized defense meeting up in the next week. That occurred on Thanksgiving Day in 2018. That was the weird game in which Drew Brees threw 4 TDs to four different players who entered the league as undrafted free agents. Brees in that game went 15 of 22 for 171 yards and 4 TDs, with 1 interception.

One other close call came the next week. Baker Mayfield (in his rookie year) had gone over 150 in a game against those same Falcons. He had a bye on the Thanksgiving weekend, and in his next game back, he faced the Cincinnati defense that Brees had ripped up prior to his Thanksgiving game. Baker against the Bengals went 19 of 26 for 258 yards, with 4 TDs and no interceptions in a 35-20 win, for a passer rating of 143.9 (contributing to him being overdrafted the following summer).

One other matchup of note. In December of 2015, Cam Newton and Eli Manning both had passer ratings over 150 in the same week. Their teams played against each other the next week.

2018Jared Goff, LARMINW 38-31263346550158.3
2019Aaron Rodgers, GNBOAKW 42-24253142950158.3
2019Deshaun Watson, HOUATLW 53-32283342650158.3
2013Nick Foles, PHIat OAKW 49-20222840670158.3
2019Dak Prescott, DALNYGW 35-17253240540158.3
2014Geno Smith, NYJat MIAW 37-24202535830158.3
2020Tom Brady, TAMat DETW 47-7222734840158.3
2018Ben Roethlisberger, PITCARW 52-21222532850158.3
2019Lamar Jackson, BALat MIAW 59-10172032450158.3
2015Kirk Cousins, WASNORW 47-14202532440158.3
2013Alex Smith, KANat OAKW 56-31172028750158.3
2013Drew Brees, NORTAMW 42-17243138140157.4
2014Peyton Manning, DENSFOW 42-17222631840157.2
2018Ryan Fitzpatrick, TAMat NORW 48-40212841740156.2
2012Alex Smith, SFOBUFW 45-3182430330156.2
2020Matthew Stafford, LARCHIW 34-14202632130156.1
2018Deshaun Watson, HOUMIAW 42-23162023950156.0
2014Matt Ryan, ATLTAMW 56-14212428630155.9
2015Ben Roethlisberger, PITSFOW 43-18212736930155.8
2018Ryan Tannehill, MIAOAKW 28-20172328930155.3
2018Patrick Mahomes, KANat PITW 42-37232832660154.8
2018Mitchell Trubisky, CHITAMW 48-10192635460154.6
2020Ryan Fitzpatrick, MIAat SFOW 43-17222835030154.5
2014Aaron Rodgers, GNBCARW 38-17192225530154.5
2019Philip Rivers, LACat JAXW 45-10162231430154.4
2015Teddy Bridgewater, MINCHIW 38-17172023140154.4
2015Kirk Cousins, WASBUFW 35-25222831940153.7
2015Cam Newton, CARATLW 38-0152126530153.3
2018Drew Brees, NORPHIW 48-7223036340153.2
2018Drew Brees, NORWASW 43-19262936330153.2
2016Ben Roethlisberger, PITKANW 43-14222730050152.5
2020Russell Wilson, SEAat INDW 28-16182325440152.3
2020Lamar Jackson, BALCLEW 38-6202527530152.1
2018Nick Mullens, SFOOAKW 34-3162226230151.9
2019Russell Wilson, SEALARW 30-29172326840151.8
2013Tom Brady, NWEPITW 55-31233343240151.8
2014Tony Romo, DALINDW 42-7182021840151.7
2015Eli Manning, NYGat MIAW 31-24273133740151.5
2014Aaron Rodgers, GNBat CHIW 38-17222830240151.2
2018Baker Mayfield, CLEATLW 28-16172021630151.2
2015Jay Cutler, CHIat STLW 37-13192425830151.0
2016Aaron Rodgers, GNBSEAW 38-10182324630150.8
2017Kirk Cousins, WASOAKW 27-10253036530150.7
2014Ben Roethlisberger, PITINDW 51-34404952260150.6
2020Kyler Murray, ARIMIAL 31-34212628330150.5
2012Tony Romo, DALPHIW 38-33222730330150.5
2020Deshaun Watson, HOUat DETW 41-25172531840150.4
2018Drew Brees, NORat CINW 51-14222526530150.4

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—Ian Allan