I've been impressed by Joe Burrow. He's coming back from a torn ACL, and working behind a suspect offensive line and with a coaching staff that (my opinion) is questionable. But he's got a nice array of receiving talent around him, and he's been getting the most out of them.

While working on the Bengals write-up for the latest Weekly, I noticed that Burrow has thrown at least 2 TDs in every game so far. While he's not putting up monster games with 4 or 5 TDs, that kind of consistency is nice to have on your side in a fantasy league, and it's rarer than you might think.

After five games, there are only 2 quarterbacks who have put up at least 2 TDs in every game: Patrick Mahomes, and Joe Burrow.

In this table, showing all quarterbacks who've started all 5 games this season, the TD column only shows touchdown passes, but the "games with 2 TDs" includes rushing scores. That's how Sam Darnold shows up with 4 games with 2 TDs even though he's only thrown 6 this season. But even when including rushing scores, Mahomes and Burrow are the only guys with 2 TDs in every game so far.

Patrick Mahomes165
Joe Burrow115
Tom Brady154
Dak Prescott134
Matthew Stafford124
Josh Allen124
Matt Ryan104
Aaron Rodgers104
Derek Carr84
Jalen Hurts74
Sam Darnold64
Justin Herbert133
Jameis Winston123
Kyler Murray103
Russell Wilson103
Kirk Cousins103
Teddy Bridgewater73
Jared Goff73
Carson Wentz73
Daniel Jones43
Lamar Jackson82
Ryan Tannehill62
Trevor Lawrence62
Baker Mayfield42
Zach Wilson42
Ben Roethlisberger61
Mac Jones51

Three of the players at the very bottom of the list are rookies, which shows the risk in counting on one of these players as a fantasy quarterback. Trevor Lawrence should be great one day, and maybe soon, but for now if you want a quarterback getting you that reliable weekly fantasy production, the floor of a couple of touchdowns per game, you're better off avoiding those first-year guys.

--Andy Richardson