The Rams are trying to win a Super Bowl today, but there's a side storyline that might only be of interest to a few. Cooper Kupp, with a big game, can potentially finish with the best postseason by a receiver in NFL history.

The all-time leader (yards, touchdowns) in this department is Larry Fitzgerald. The year his Cardinals went to the Super Bowl, in 2008, Fitzgerald caught 30 passes for 546 yards and 7 TDs. That works out to 126.6 fantasy points (PPR), nearly 30 more than the 2nd-best such season (Jerry Rice, in 1988).

Fitzgerald played four games that postseason, as has Kupp, and that helps. Rice only played three games in his biggest postseason. If we looked at things on a per-game basis, Fitzgerald would be behind both Rice and a couple of old-timey guys (Fred Biletnikoff and Tom Fears). But whatever, we're going with cumulative. The best postseason performance by a receiver in NFL history are below, sorted by total PPR points. (Search tools at were used in compiling this table.)

Larry FitzgeraldARI2008431305467126.6
Jerry RiceSFO198833021409697.9
Hakeem NicksNYG201144028444496.4
Cooper KuppLAR202133025386487.6
Travis KelceKAN202032131360385.0
Anquan BoldinBAL201244022380484.0
Jerry RiceSFO198933019317580.7
Steve SmithCAR200532127335378.5
Demaryius ThomasDEN201332128306376.6
Steve SmithCAR200343118404376.4
Fred BiletnikoffRAI196821114370475.0
Danny AmendolaNWE201732126348272.8
Travis KelceKAN202132123299370.9
Julio JonesATL201632119334370.4
Tyreek HillKAN202132123285369.5
Andre ReedBUF199243119313368.3
Anthony CarterMIN198732123391168.1
Tom FearsLAR195021116334367.4
Amani ToomerNYG200744021280367.0
John StallworthPIT197833014288466.8
Michael CrabtreeSFO201232120285366.5
Antonio FreemanGNB199732117308365.8
Julian EdelmanNWE201833026388064.8
Randy MossMIN199921114315363.5
James LoftonBUF199032113323363.3
Greg JenningsGNB201044021303263.3
Vernon DavisSFO201121110292463.2
Stefon DiggsBUF202032120311263.1
Robert BrooksGNB199532117281363.1
Muhsin MuhammadCAR200343115352262.2
Chris HoganNWE201633017332262.2
T.Y. HiltonIND201321117327261.7
Jordy NelsonGNB201044021286261.6
Julian EdelmanNWE201633021342161.2
Antonio BrownPIT201632118309260.9
Michael IrvinDAL199421118303260.3
Charlie BrownWAS198332114401160.1
Julian EdelmanNWE201433026281160.1
Vincent JacksonSDG200732118300260.0
Tyreek HillKAN202032124355059.5

Kupp will likely set the record for receptions in a postseason. He's just 6 behind Travis Kelce, whose 31 a year ago was one better than Rice in his top season. Yards are a little less likely, since he's 162 behind Fitzgerald, but it's possible.

He'll need 39 fantasy points to catch Fitzgerald, which is unlikely. Something like 12 catches for 150 yards and 2 TDs. It's not something the Rams will be thinking about, but in the realm of possibility.

--Andy Richardson