A Grand Jury declined to bring criminal charges against DeShaun Watson yesterday. He won't be going to jail. There are still a number of civil suits pending, and a supposedly ongoing league investigation, but it looks pretty likely he'll be playing in the NFL at some point this season.

No doubt, the league will eventually come down with some kind of suspension, giving the impression it takes these allegations seriously. Six games, four games, whatever. Or maybe it will determine that 2021 was "time served" and he'll be out there starting in Week 1. Nothing can be ruled out.

NFL Network's Dan Jeremiah has reported that most around the league believe the Seahawks will trade for Watson. Seattle doesn't have a viable quarterback, and currently owns two extra first- and second-round picks in the next two drafts thanks to the Russell Wilson trade. The other favorite is Carolina, which has supposedly been trying to acquire Watson all along. Tampa Bay needs to also be considered as a possible landing spot. There are other candidates, but those are the big three with an obvious, pressing need at the position.

Once it's clear what (if any) suspension Watson will face and what new team he'll be starting for, he probably needs to be installed back among the top 10 quarterbacks in fantasy rankings. At least; he was even better than that the last time he was on the field, and for each of the seasons of his career. He's just 26 years old.

Watson entered the league back in 2017, and after a hot start was hurt for most of that season. He missed all of last year, of course. But in his three full seasons as a starter (2018-2020), he posted 3 of the 20 best seasons in typical fantasy scoring (4 point TD passes) from that period of time.

2018Patrick Mahomes, K.C.165097502722496.11
2020Josh Allen, Buff.164544374218473.51
2019Lamar Jackson, Balt.1531273612067463.01
2020Kyler Murray, Ariz.1639712681911450.452
2020Aaron Rodgers, G.B.164299481493440.253
2020Patrick Mahomes, K.C.154740383082437.84
2020Deshaun Watson, Hou.164823334443437.555
2020Russell Wilson, Sea.164212405132435.96
2018Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.16512934983429.22
2018Matt Ryan, Atl.164924351253428.23
2019Jameis Winston, T.B.165109332501426.52
2019Dak Prescott, Dall.164902302773412.83
2020Tom Brady, T.B.1646334063410.257
2018Andrew Luck, Ind.164593391480405.94
2020Ryan Tannehill, Ten.163819332667398.558
2020Justin Herbert, LAC154336312345398.29
2018Deshaun Watson, Hou.164165265515397.45
2018Jared Goff, LAR164688321082397.26
2019Deshaun Watson, Hou.153852264137389.54
2020Lamar Jackson, Balt.1527572610057386.3510

Things could move pretty quickly on this front. Perhaps Watson will settle his various civil suits, now that the criminal proceedings are in the past, and then the NFL will conclude its investigation, after determining which way the wind is blowing. Watson could be traded somewhere in the next month, probably before the NFL Draft.

If you've already being doing best-ball drafts and selected Watson with a late pick, congratulations. You're probably going to have a pretty good quarterback for most of the season with that selection.

--Andy Richardson