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Davante Adams

Favre expects Adams to decline in Las Vegas

Count Brett Favre among those who believe Davante Adams won’t be as effective with the Raiders. Green Bay’s system and quarterback, Favre says, accounted for some of his success.

“No disrespect to Davante at all — zero disrespect. I do think that Davante will make Derek Carr better and, in time, they will be a dynamic duo. Now, will it be the duo that Aaron and Davante had? Time will tell,” Favre said to TMZ Sports. “I think Derek Carr is a very good quarterback, but he’s not in Aaron’s league yet. He may never be, and that’s no disrespect either, but I do think that Davante owes a great deal of gratitude to Aaron and the Packers drafting him.”

It’s not what you would call an edgy take. The vast majority of fantasy leaguers, I think, believe Adams’ production will fall off to some degree.

System and supporting cast plays a factor with players, especially those who are relying on somebody else to get them the football.

Since 2000, only seven wide receivers have had top-10 seasons (using PPR scoring) with multiple teams.

2015Allen Robinson, Jac.801,40014304.06
2019Allen Robinson, Chi.981,1477254.98
2020Allen Robinson, Chi.1021,2506262.99
2007Brandon Marshall, Den.1021,3257282.29
2008Brandon Marshall, Den.1041,2656266.15
2009Brandon Marshall, Den.1011,12010276.97
2012Brandon Marshall, Chi.1181,50811334.62
2013Brandon Marshall, Chi.1001,29512305.55
2015Brandon Marshall, NYJ1091,50214343.23
2015DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.1111,52111331.14
2017DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.961,37813311.81
2018DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.1151,57211337.51
2019DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.1041,1657270.64
2020DeAndre Hopkins, Ariz.1151,4076291.84
2000Randy Moss, Min.771,43715313.24
2001Randy Moss, Min.821,23310270.68
2002Randy Moss, Min.1061,3477292.54
2003Randy Moss, Min.1111,63217378.01
2007Randy Moss, N.E.981,49323385.31
2009Randy Moss, N.E.831,26413289.42
2003Santana Moss, NYJ741,10510251.29
2005Santana Moss, Was.841,4839286.06
2018Stefon Diggs, Min.1021,0219266.310
2020Stefon Diggs, Buff.1271,5358328.63
2021Stefon Diggs, Buff.1031,22510285.57
2000Terrell Owens, S.F.971,45113323.23
2001Terrell Owens, S.F.931,41216332.32
2002Terrell Owens, S.F.1001,30014321.93
2004Terrell Owens, Phil.771,20014280.56
2006Terrell Owens, Dall.851,18013283.02
2007Terrell Owens, Dall.811,35515307.03

Favre doesn’t think Aaron Rodgers will miss Adams as much as Adams misses Rodgers.

“They’ll be OK,” Favre said. “It’s hard to replace a great player like Davante Adams. It’s hard to replace Aaron Rodgers. You don’t replace those players. You plug someone and hope that the others take up the slack until that person finds their own way. Aaron’s too good. Much like Tom Brady has gone into every season and manage to systematically tear teams apart with whoever. It doesn’t matter. And that will be the case with Aaron.”

—Ian Allan

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