I had a different topic planned for this week's column, but the medical tent had other plans. Whether you won or lost, there's a decent chance you were impacted by an injury this weekend. So while you knew you'd rely on your depth to help you through the season, you probably didn't want to rely on it headed into week 2.

It started with Allen Lazard slowly regressing in the leadup to week 1 before eventually being declared inactive. But hey, at least you knew about it in advance. It wasn't like it happened during a game, like Tee Higgins or Najee Harris. Or Keenan Allen, or Chris Godwin. Or Elijah Mitchell, or Dak Prescott. You get the point. Some of those guys are definitely out for several weeks, others don't sound too bad (whatever that means) and some might even suit up next week. But "DNP" and "limited" are going to describe a lot of practice statuses this week, meaning you'll be looking at your bench and hoping you have a good backup plan in place.

That doesn't even count guys like CeeDee Lamb, whose stock is tanking like post-Super Bowl crypto after seeing a few plays with Cooper Rush behind center. Injuries affect fantasy teams every year, but it seems like all the optimism we had when Ozzy Osbourne was singing on Thursday was gone by the time Jerry Jones left the game early on Monday night. And now here we are, trying to figure out what to do for week 2.

I don't have all the answers, obviously, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate the upcoming week.

Know when the players in question are supposed to play. I'm not a psychic, but I don't see Keenan Allen playing on a short week with a questionable hamstring. It's bad timing schedule-wise, and it also accelerates the timeline of finding a replacement if you wanted someone from his team, or Kansas City. And Allen Lazard doesn't play until Sunday night, leaving just a handful of teams' players to choose from if you wait until kickoff. Ideally, you want a guy who has a chance to practice all week, but plays early on Sunday so you have plenty of time to sub in a replacement. Unfortunately, the schedule doesn't always cooperate. Plan accordingly.

Know how to use the IR spots if you have them. I'm amazed at how many fantasy managers don't use their IR spots to their fullest potential. In many cases, a guy doesn't have to actually be on injured reserve to use them. In some leagues, as long as they're ruled out, you can use the spot that week (check your league for specific rules regarding IR spots, of course). But if there's any chance of picking someone up without making a corresponding drop, take it. Even if it's just for a week, it's worth it. But you have to understand exactly how it works in your league, and many managers don’t bother.

Be very careful about who you drop. In your enthusiasm to pick up some help this week, understand that you’re dropping somebody else who might be valuable to you later on. This player was someone you spent a draft pick to select, and just 60 minutes of football later, you’re throwing in the towel. The odds are dangerously high that the add/drop will be a net loss for your team, so don’t overreact to your current situation and make it worse.

Don’t believe anything coaches say. You’ll hear a lot of lies this week: He feels much better. He doesn’t need to practice to play. Blah blah blah. Don’t believe a thing they tell you, because they aren’t really talking to you. They’re talking to this week’s opponent, and the message is always the same: Wait and see who we’re starting, because we’re not giving you any information.

Coaches are liars, so whatever you use to determine who to start, don’t use them.

Eventually, you were going to find out how well you drafted, and how useful your depth is. For many of us, it’s happening in week 2. If you’re in that group, I hope you did a great job. And if not, I hope your opponent did an even worse job. Good luck this week.

Did you get hit with injuries in week 1? Do you feel good about your team’s depth? How do you determine whether to ditch a player for a waiver pickup? Share your thoughts below.