Geno Smith is completing lots of passes -- 80-plus percent in both games. But they’re not really going anywhere. He’s finished under 200 passing yards in both games, and Seattle’s offense hasn’t scored a point in its last six quarters.

Smith completed 23 of 28 passes in the opener against the Broncos. He threw 2 TDs in the first half of that game, with the Seahawks hanging on to win 17-16. (One gets the feeling that will be looked back on as by far the high point in what otherwise should be a long, forgettable season for the team.)

The limitations of the offense became more apparent on Sunday. Smith completed 24 of 30 passes, but the team wasn’t even competitive against San Francisco, with its only points coming on a return of a blocked field goal. Too many of Smith’s completions are underneath balls that don’t do any damage. And the Seahawks have been unable to get their running game going.

Smith’s stat line is unusual but not unprecedented. Using the numbers at Pro-Football-Reference, I see 72 other quarterbacks that have completed 80 percent of their passes (with at least 20 attempts) for teams that have lost their games. (It even happened to another quarterback on Sunday, Jacoby Brissett – the third time there have been two such quarterbacks on the same day.)

Seven other quarterbacks have been able to complete 80-plus percent (with 20-plus attempts) while playing for teams that lost by at least 20 points. I’ve got them tagged with black dots. And eight quarterbacks have done it while playing for teams that scored fewer than 10 points.

Going forward, looks safe to operate under the assumption that Seattle will finish with a bottom-5 offense this year.

1967Bob Griese, Mia.NYJL 14-33172181.016022
1968Sam Wyche, Cin.Hou.L 17-27202580.022810
1974Norm Snead, NYGN.E.L 20-28283580.027221
1983Steve Bartkowski, S.F.L 20-24192382.624320
1985Neil Lomax, Was.L 27-29374680.446821
1985Gary Danielson, Det.Min.L 28-29243080.021840
1985Steve DeBerg, Det.L 7-13252986.227210
1985Steve Bartkowski, Atl.Det.L 24-27242885.729920
1985• Steve Bartkowski, Pitt.L 10-35192382.616701
1985Gary Danielson, S.D.L 24-27202580.026900
1988Dan Marino, Mia.Ind.L 28-31263281.330431
1988Randy Wright, G.B.T.B.L 10-13222781.518110
1990Troy Aikman, NYGL 17-31212680.823311
1991Jeff Hostetler, NYGat Dall.L 16-21283482.436811
1992Jim Everett, LARat S.F.L 24-27202483.323221
1993• David Klingler, Pitt.L 7-34172181.013510
1994Hugh Millen, S.F.L 19-42192382.621700
1994Jim Kelly, Det.L 21-35293582.927322
1996Mark Brunell, N.O.L 13-17283580.025010
1998R. Cunningham, T.B.L 24-27212584.029121
2001Elvis Grbac, Cle.L 14-24162080.014202
2003Mark Brunell, Car.L 23-24232785.227220
2005Jamie Martin, St.L.S.F.L 20-24334180.535412
2005Jamie Martin, Ind.L 28-45172181.013412
2006David Carr, Hou.Buff.L 21-24253083.322301
2006David Carr, Ind.L 24-43222684.621930
2006Jeff Garcia, Ind.L 21-45192382.614020
2007• Joey Harrington, Atl.T.B.L 7-31162080.013910
2007• Shaun Hill, S.F.Min.L 7-27222781.518110
2007Chad Pennington, NYJat Buff.L 14-17323982.129112
2007Chad Pennington, NYJat Ten.L 6-10263281.326412
2007David Garrard, Ind.L 25-28242982.825721
2007Jeff Garcia, Det.L 16-23374582.231620
2007Matt Schaub, Hou.Ind.L 24-30273381.823612
2008Drew Brees, Den.L 32-34394881.342110
2009Drew Brees, N.O.T.B.L 17-20323786.525810
2010Chad Henne, Mia.Pitt.L 24-30162080.014011
2011Carson Palmer, Oak.Det.L 27-28324080.036710
2011Dan Orlovsky, N.E.L 24-31303781.135321
2013Matt Ryan, Atl.NYJL 28-30364580.031920
2013Philip Rivers, Ten.L 17-20202483.318410
2014Drew Brees, N.O.Cin.L 10-27334180.525510
2015Brandon Weeden, Dall.Atl.L 28-39222684.623201
2015Josh McCown, St.L.L 6-24263281.327000
2015Luke McCown, Car.L 22-27313881.631001
2015Matt Ryan, Atl.T.B.L 20-23374582.239721
2016Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.Dall.L 30-35374680.440830
2016Case Keenum, LARat Det.L 28-31273284.432131
2016Sam Bradford, Det.L 13-16313783.822401
2017• Matthew Stafford, Balt.L 20-44242982.829211
2017Jay Cutler, Mia.Oak.L 24-27344281.031130
2017Nate Sudfeld, Phil.Dall.L 0-6192382.613400
2018• Jameis Winston, Chi.L 10-48162080.014512
2018Ben Roethlisberger, Oak.L 21-24252986.228220
2018Cam Newton, Car.Sea.L 27-30253083.325621
2018Carson Wentz, Phil.Car.L 17-21303781.131020
2018Derek Carr, Den.L 19-20293290.628810
2018Drew Brees, N.O.T.B.L 40-48374582.243930
2018Marcus Mariota, Hou.L 17-34222395.730320
2018Matthew Stafford, Dall.L 24-26243080.030720
2019• Luke Falk, NYJCle.L 3-23202580.019800
2019Gardner Minshew II, Jac.K.C.L 26-40222588.027521
2019Matt Ryan, Ari.L 33-34303683.335640
2019Matt Ryan, Ind.L 24-27293485.330431
2020Deshaun Watson, Ind.L 20-27334180.537320
2020Drew Brees, N.O.G.B.L 30-37293680.628830
2020Justin Herbert, LACat T.B.L 31-38202580.029031
2020Kyler Murray, Ari.Mia.L 31-34212680.828330
2020Teddy Bridgewater, N.O.L 24-27232882.125420
2021Jared Goff, Det.Chi.L 14-16212584.017120
2021Tua Tagovailoa, Mia.Atl.L 28-30324080.029142
2022Geno Smith, S.F.L 7-27243080.019701
2022Jacoby Brissett, Cle.NYJL 30-31222781.522911

Statistics compiled using search tools at

—Ian Allan