Two games in, Matt Ryan isn’t looking like much of an upgrade over Carson Wentz – or anybody else the Colts have trotted out at quarterback in recent years. Expectations that Indianapolis was almost a prohibitive favorite to win the AFC South are looking pretty silly nowadays.

The Colts started the season with a lackluster 20-20 tie at Houston, and they were even worse today, losing 24-0 against a Jacksonville team that’s picked first in the draft the last two years.

As poorly as Wentz played in Week 18 at this stadium a year ago, Ryan wasn’t even that good, completing 16 of 30 for 195 yards, with 3 interceptions. He finished the game with a passer rating of 34.0.

Since Frank Reich became the coach for the Colts, they’ve played 18 games against the Jaguars and Texans. In none of those games did their starting quarterback finish with a passer rating lower than 66.

Wentz2021Hou.W 31-3112055.022320127.7
Brissett2019Hou.W 30-23263966.732640126.7
Rivers2020Hou.W 27-20222878.622820124.4
Luck2018Jac.W 29-26212972.428531123.5
Rivers2020at Hou.W 26-20273577.128520119.3
Luck2018Hou.L 34-37406264.546440108.5
Wentz2021at Hou.W 31-0162272.715810107.8
Luck2018at Hou.W 24-21274165.939921103.6
Rivers2020at Jac.L 20-27364678.33631288.7
Ryan2022at Hou.T 20-20325064.03521183.1
Wentz2021Jac.W 23-17223464.71800078.1
Brissett2019at Hou.L 17-20162564.01290076.9
Rivers2020Jac.W 28-14172763.01641176.8
Brissett2019Jac.W 33-13152462.51481176.4
Wentz2021at Jac.L 11-26172958.61851174.6
Brissett2019at Jac.L 20-38122548.01620069.1
Luck2018at Jac.L 0-6335263.52480166.8
Ryan2022at Jac.L 0-24163053.31950334.0

—Ian Allan