Justin Fields is off to a historically lame start, with just 7-8 completions in each of his first three games. With it being a long season, is there any chance of him turning it around?

Fields did, after all, show some potential as a rookie. In his last three full games, he averaged 267 passing yards, with 4 TDs. He hasn’t passed for more than 121 yards in any game yet this season. The Bears can’t stick with their conservative game plans forever; they’ll need to start opening up things at least some.

I ran some numbers on this. Since 2000, there have been 20 other quarterbacks who have started the first three games of the season and finished with fewer than 40 completions. Fields’ total is the lowest, with only one other quarterbacks under 30 (David Carr of the expansion Texans in 2002).

Those other 20 quarterbacks are listed below, along with their season-total numbers. I was surprised to see that over half of them finished the season with top-20 numbers. Only one made the top 10, and it was fueled by running rather than passing (Michael Vick in 2005 and 2005).

YearPlayerFirst 3 gamesStPassTDPRunTDRPtsRk
2008• Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.39-59-1-447, 3 TD163,301171012255.514
2004• Drew Brees, S.D.39-72-2-476, 3 TD153,15927852291.311
2005• Michael Vick, Atl.38-69-2-446, 3 TD152,412155976277.910
2000• Jay Fiedler, Mia.38-71-2-469, 3 TD152,402142671208.820
2021Jameis Winston, N.O.38-63-2-387, 7 TD71,170141661137.133
2005J.P. Losman, Buff.38-79-1-358, 1 TD81,34081540114.434
2004• Michael Vick, Atl.37-61-2-457, 2 TD152,313149023279.912
2019• Kirk Cousins, Min.37-63-2-502, 3 TD153,60326631298.519
2001• Mark Brunell, Jac.36-60-1-467, 3 TD153,309192241271.914
2003• Jake Plummer, Den.35-59-3-406, 5 TD112,182152053207.620
2005• Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt.35-60-0-688, 6 TD122,38517693212.219
2009Marc Bulger, St.L.35-68-0-339, 1 TD81,469522095.731
2000Akili Smith, Cin.34-85-4-441, 1 TD111,2533232097.938
2008• Matt Ryan, Atl.34-64-2-511, 2 TD163,440161041254.416
2006• Michael Vick, Atl.32-68-1-369, 3 TD162,474201,0392320.74
2008JaMarcus Russell, Oak.32-62-0-391, 3 TD152,423131271191.924
2009JaMarcus Russell, Oak.31-75-4-378, 1 TD91,287344080.836
2010Vince Young, Ten.30-43-2-338, 3 TD81,255101250115.333
2007J.P. Losman, Buff.30-47-1-255, 0 TD71,2044110087.238
2002David Carr, Hou.28-69-4-331, 2 TD162,59292823215.824
2022Justin Fields, Chi.23-45-4-297, 2 TD???????

Statistics compiled using search tools at Pro-Football-Reference.com

—Ian Allan