The Patriots are in Green Bay this week, and they'll be without Mac Jones, who has a high ankle sprain. It will be Brian Hoyer starting at quarterback, and I thought I'd look at what might be expected for the passing game with the soon-to-be 37-year-old quarterback. The answer is, not much.

Hoyer started his career with New England, and he's really drifted around the league. Since 2015, he's started for five different teams -- one of which (San Francisco) I'd totally forgotten about.

In games he's started or played most of the last seven years (only one of which was for the Patriots), he's been a good player to bet against. His teams have gone 6-17 in those 23 contests, which includes losing the last 10 in a row. Those of you still in Survivor Pools who haven't used Green Bay, that looks like a pretty good pick.

Fantasy-wise, Hoyer has at least put up only slightly below-average numbers: 245 passing yards and 1.4 touchdowns. So if you're hoping to start a New England wide receiver (anyone?), things won't necessarily be much worse than with Jones in the lineup.

I'll also call it a decent week to use the Green Bay Defense, although maybe not a lights-out situation for them. In those 23 games, Hoyer has averaged about 1.5 combined interceptions and fumbles, and 2.2 sacks. Those numbers are fairly average in today's NFL, though keep in mind he was younger for a lot of these games. Only three of them have come in the last four years, and none since 2020. Turning 37 probably hasn't made him more elusive.

2015Hou.K.C.L 20-2718342361141 Atl.L 21-4817302322010
2015Hou.Ind.L 20-2724313122100 Jac.W 31-2024362933010 Mia.L 26-4423492733142
2015Hou.Tenn.W 20-623352352030 Cin.W 10-612221230120
2015Hou.N.O.W 24-621272052110 Buf.L 21-3026432933120
2015Hou.N.E.L 6-2711221550052
2015Hou.Jac.W 30-625402491121 Dal.L 17-3130493172012
2016Chi.Det.W 17-1428363022020 Ind.L 23-2933433972000
2016Chi.Jac.L 16-1730493020011
2017S.F.Car.L 3-2324351930141 Sea.L 9-121527990120
2017S.F.LARL 39-4123373322140 Ari.L 15-1824492340130 Ind.L 23-2629463532022 Pit.L 24-2617261683141
2019Ind.Mia.L 12-1618392041311 K.C.L 10-2615241300121

--Andy Richardson